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[Supply] authority home balm

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Release time: On September 11, 2008
Period of efficacy: On December 22, 2008
Company: Jiangsu saves factory of balm of home of Xuzhou city power
Contact: Mr Wang Yunhe
Home of drop drop authority is oily, healthy macrobian. Enjoy the authority home balm of food of contemporary and real pure natural green, have the manufacturing history of nearly hundred years, with its the tradition is small grind the craft that make and masterly technology, use classy and high grade sesame seed, without any additive, the balm colour and lustre that production gives sterling, fragrance is full-bodied, glittering and translucent get rid of appears; and contain rich sheet the nutrient composition such as E of not saturated fatty acid, linoleic acid, vitamin and sesame seed phenol, collect nutrition, flavor be equal to an organic whole, solid it is a family the curiosa that necessary cooking flavors, the beautiful of the gift is tasted. This product, formalities is complete, pack elegant, norms all ready. Company management base is strong, with " quality the first, consummate " is credit management concept, increase the strength that product development and market develop ceaselessly, guide and promote product sale, already built more extensive sale network in area of economy of sea of the Huaihe River. Be awarded “ quality for many times ” of sincere letter demonstrative unit, it is supervisory bureau of Xuzhou quality technology quality trace product. To safeguard consumer rights and interests, satisfy the demand of consumer, make sure broad consumer eats the authority home balm that be at ease, brand of balm of home of exact advantageous position admits please when broad consumer is bought, beware sham! Value mid-autumn festival during, my company rolls out ceremony box to install balm series, price privilege, character has assure, welcome group of new old client to order, the line that order: 13270337570 contacts: Liang is ripped imprint? firm network address: HTtp://www.qjxyc.com/

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