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[Supply] natural vanilla is oily (Ding of sweet pod Lan Dou)

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Release time: On September 8, 2008
Period of efficacy: On December 22, 2008
Company: Madagascar Anuona is sweet agency of Shanghai of pod orchid company
Contact: Crown gentleman
Supply natural vanilla oil (Ding of sweet pod Lan Dou) use for convenient and broad client, I manage distribute is natural at the same time sweetgrass is oily (trade name: Ding of sweet pod Lan Dou) . Ding of sweet pod Lan Dou is by natural vanilla (namely sweet pod Lan Dou) pass alcohol extraction and get, for brown liquid, have wonderful water-solubility, have full-bodied vanilla perfume, can apply extensively at treatment of food, beverage, advanced cosmetic, medicines and chemical reagents, health care is tasted, perfume, smoke, wine in, have carry sweet, health care, antiseptic effect. Norms has: 1: 5 with 1: 10, pack for plastic bucket, have 2KG/ bucket, 5KG/ bucket and 25KG/ bucket. Welcome broad client try out. Contact: Crown gentleman (the market represents) connection phone: 13761937015 connection fax: 021-56136284 E-mail: Billwang-shanghai@hotmail.com

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