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[Supply] treatment of dressing supplied materials

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Release time: On September 19, 2008
Period of efficacy: On October 3, 2008
Company: Shanghai be good at female food packs limited company
Contact: Mr Gu Tiandong
To satisfy the demand of broad client, the company is machined technically to establish acting guest (pack) service ministry. Major carries on external agent of of all kinds powder, grain, tablet, liquid, ropy object, and liquid and ropy object (liquid) the pouch that fills up at the same time packs a product. Each classification such as beverage of food of the dressing that the product involves food industry, of all kinds nutrition, solid. The product packs formal diversification, metric range is wide. It is the service of demand of contented client individuation at the same time, the company has elder major group, solve the choice of the material that pack for you, dimension is decided really. Offer the most effective, most economic product. Offer a product at the same time plan, declare wait for a service.

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