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"Entrance beans " why can you be China invincible?

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Soja imports excessive, had cultivated course of study to bring annihilative blow to Chinese soja. In recent years data makes clear, while entrance soja increases, homebred soja is decreasing, chinese soja industry had entered process of an undesirable development, entrance soja is forcing homebred soja to exit the market. The foreign trader is at present solely invested or 73% what the enterprise of oil and fat further processing of share already occupied total grinding capacity of our country soja, 80% what occupy our country to machine a quantity actually, nation

Soja treatment industry survives increasingly hard.

Cannot think of, with the Chinese soja industry closely related the people's livelihood by transnational corporation one pace squeezes a market. From the point of the data that announce, transnational corporation already 85% what trade of import of forestall China soja measures; 73% what already controlled soja process capability. More those who let a person cannot understand is, machine course of study to be faced with the native land soja that break down to reach, the branch is helpless however related the government, transnational corporation of at one's convenience is in home wantonly outspread.

Why of transnational corporation " entrance beans " can you be in China invincible? Investigate its reason, it is the country such as the United States the war that undertook to China on soja commerce one does not have smoke of gunpowder. As we have learned, the soja exit big country such as the United States, Brazil gives aid to energetically the development of soja. From 20 centuries 90 time, american government takes out soja of allowance of 190 much dollars every year. The mechanization of farming makes its production cost inferior, add have governmental subsidy, its cost is far produce under Chinese soja. Because import soja price under homebred soja, by force of cost pressure, domestic soja machines an enterprise to purchase foreign soja in succession.

Ought to say, this is a trap that American installs for us. 2002, below the circumstance that lacks understanding to prices, our country purchased a group to just sign the contract that purchases 1.5 million tons of soja with the United States on higher-priced, at that time purchase valence to be 4100 yuan / or so tons, after this a month, soja price falls to 3100 yuan / ton. Because soja price is inferior, china sends irremediable from import volume of the United States, come after that American takes advantage of a favorable situation again pull again tall, force Chinese perch eats again into, relapse instead so answer, the entrance measures in successive years to jump, and domestic soja is produced however cannot recover after a setback.

Import amount year after year to grow just about, bring about domestic soja thereby cultivate area drop off. It is with Heilongjiang province only exemple, this province soja cultivates an area to already dropped by many mus 4600 of 1993 reach many current mus 3000; Come nearly two years, price of northeast market beans falls amount to 1/3 the left and right sides, and often valence does not have city, keep long in stock sells hard. Save the area such as A city, Helen in order to cultivate the Heilongjiang that soja gives priority to originally, economic progress sufferred disastrous influence accordingly, city of sea human relations consequently annual the farmer reduces an income of 100 million.
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