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Soja analysis: Drop still unending accord with

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Zhou San, because dollar index continues,go strong and option market of crude oil and precious metal is fatigued and weak and appear again relatively drop substantially, among them CBOT soja agreement dropped in November 23 cent, close at 11.78 cent every bushel, soya-bean oil agreement dropped 49 a little bit in December, close at 48.32 cent every pound, beautiful soya-bean oil has received shade 7 days continuously, 5 days all line suppress effect is very apparent, later period drops trend still unending evidence.

Pay close attention to an element:

1, be anxious because of American economy, GDP grows slow down, obtain employment rate falls, dollar index ascendant posture continues driving;

2, international crude price gets demand abate influence, continue next defeat, drop for a time the psychological price that defeats 100 dollars, fall after a rise of hopeful of crude oil of later period international comes 100 dollars lower part, but it is certain that OPEC announces reduction of output plans to may give crude price to bring prop up;

3, weather of center-west region of near future United States continues profit grows at crop, domestic northeast area shows soja grows in order, 08-09 year bumper crop already was become it seems that finality.

Analysis and operation suggest:

Zhou San, dalian soya-bean oil walks along oscillation of narrow cut of situation it may be said, develop fast fall after a rise, show do inadequacy of much kinetic energy, final closing quotation drops 28 a little bit, dalian soya-bean oil still is in 5 days all line lower part continues sole, the operation continues to be treated with nominal thinking now, scalar potential of eye of 0901 agreement metaphase can see soya-bean oil 8000 a little bit, scalar potential of near future eye 8200 bits.


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