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The beans dregses of rice day judges: Shrink measure wave motion of the narrow c

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Dalian beans dregses of rice futures is small on September 11 low the concussion after leaving goes high, after suffocate suffocate somewhat fall after a rise, subsequently small fluctuate. Dish eventually small close low. Agreement of brunt force M0901, open quotation price 3, 350 yuan, closing quotation price 3, 362 yuan, drop 26 yuan, maximum price 3, 384 yuan, minimum price 3, 340 yuan, clinch a deal quantity 812, 466 hands, the quantity that maintain a warehouse 251, 482 hands.

In be in spot price to also keep firm, many have home now drop situation. Among them, jilin oily plant of 4 flat division 43% albumen beans dregses of rice quote 3, 920 yuan / ton, 46% albumen beans dregses of rice quote 4, 160 yuan / ton, relatively drop 10 days morning 60 yuan / ton. Guangxi prevents oily plant of city harbor zone 43% albumen beans dregses of rice quote 3, 850 yuan / ton, clinch a deal valence 3, 770 yuan / ton, keep balance with 10 days. Oily plant of zone of Henan week mouth 43% albumen beans dregses of rice quote 3, 850 yuan / ton, it is reported clinchs a deal actually the price is in 3, 760 yuan / ton.

As the substitute of feed, the beans dregses of rice situation suffer corn and wheaten price fluctuant effect is distinct. 3 breed appear jointly now shrink the quantity decreases storehouse, narrow cut dish rectify situation. Go from corn situation look, outside dish because corn suffers American corn to produce area weather condition to improve, be helpful for the growth of corn, and the anticipation that abroad analyses an orgnaization to raise corn stockpile, outside was being brought about dish corn ends apparently to dropping correction, the trend that continues to drop has been formed. The after dropping considerably correction extent of Dalian corn early days is lesser, nearly two trade of day in shade line, decided corn fears will continueing to drop.

And go from Xiaomai in light of situation, the beauty before this dish wheat has traded 9 times continuously day receives shade, near the low that is in nearly 8 months at present, weak sign is very clear. Near future of Zhengzhou strong wheat although a little strong at outside dish, but whole still very weak. Nevertheless low now after leaving each agreement all wide cut concussion is arranged, end city is pulled quickly close high go up, brunt 901 agreement shrink the quantity decreases a storehouse, receive positive line.

Decision beans dregses of rice the another element of the price is soja and grease kind. At present outside dish soja is bigger to the correction extent that drops last, be in about 50% , but nearly 5 trade the shade line of day and main area information slant empty, outside dish soja or will hold weak power, concussion be issued to lower levels, retry 1200 a little bit to prop up. Of Dalian soja go situation outside sufferring dish the impact is bigger, but whole goes force is weak at outside dish, mere to the correction that early days drops 1/3 is controlled, maintain concussion to go at present situation, had not walked out of clear trend. But from the point of whole market, if outside dish soja continues to drop, connect a beans or be issued to lower levels of take advantage of an opportunity. As the downstream product of soja, the beans dregses of rice the price suffers benefit sky inevitably to affect.
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