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Analysis: What does the main factor that affects price of later period corn have

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Hind city corn after all how? Be to go up? Be to drop? Still maintain? The market each viewpoint is differ, but however we need to study influence corn later period walks along a few of situation main factors seriously, how is city corn basically mixed after concerned at 4 o'clock below, make brief analysis now:

It is domestic corn market will is faced with supply addition pressure. Main body of current market majority all is opposite domestic corn bumper harvest holds general and upbeat mood this year, it is normal to want later period weather only, bumper increase production already was become finality. Predict to enter the last ten-day of a month in September at the same time, china north yellow the Huaihe River produces the spring sowing new corn of the area to appear on the market batch, at the appointed time, no matter new food quality how, will increase the total supply to the market, the anticipation that supplies psychology case of the market price after corn of be a burden on continuously weak force moves.

2 it is this year the country increases the export custom duty of 5% , guide commissariat to furnish to home, make current spot market is supplied enough. According to the data that Chinese customs total office releases, china exported corn July 14, 259 tons, reduce compared to the same period 94.33% . 1-7 month China exports corn in all this year 140, 892 tons, than going up year of the corresponding period reduce 96.41% . If by September before (before new corn appears on the market) the corn in grain depot and trafficker hand appears on the market centrally, will form pressure to corn price.

3 it is current parcel epidemic disease of area existence live pig and wash out sow phenomenon, amount of livestock on hand of predicting later period is measured under anticipate growth level, raise uses the growth existence uncertainty of corn demand. 4 it is the reserve that the country lasts sale of grain contest price and move library south stablized market price case not only, at the same time market of most to home also purchase and sale formed the price on psychological level to see weak pressure continuously. 2008

Corn of 4 batches of central reserve crosses a province to move the northeast corn that the library plans five hundred and nineteen thousand five hundred tons to will sell area v to south. In the meantime, northeast laid in corn auction to already also held 6 weeks continuously temporarily, accumulative total clinchs a deal the quantity exceeds 900 thousand tons, the concussion that suffers this to approve reserve corn to appear on the market centrally is affected, impose requirement of the most market that sell an area still inferior fan, the corn price September will get not little resistance. Price of predicting home corn loses smooth hasten.


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