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The beans dregses of rice day judges: Price quantity is decreased together conti

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One, market general situation:

Respect of merchandise on hand:

Soja: At present virtuous area soja enters Heilongjiang collect factory price is in 4240-4260 yuan / or so tons, friendship and 4200-4220 of treasure clear area yuan / or so tons, the value is little fall after a rise 20 yuan / or so tons, think price of near future soja won't have big wave motion inside course of study at present, may continue small go low.

The beans dregses of rice: Closing quotation of market of soybean of Zhou Er CBOT drops, but prep above dish in low, the reason is crude oil futures steeps fall, the dollar goes strong, the leftover force plus Gustav hurricane will bring advantageous rainfall to center-west region, formed pressure to soybean market thereby, final CBOT soja drops 15.5 cent differ to 30.5 cent. Respect of merchandise on hand, domestic beans dregses of rice spot price continues firm in go low, partial area report clinchs a deal yesterday the quantity turns weak, look from current condition short-term it is relatively difficult to rise, each district is specific the situation is as follows:

Heilongjiang collect virtuous area beans dregses of rice the price is in 4130-4150 yuan / or so tons, lowest clinchs a deal valence is in 4130 yuan / or so tons, drop be in 20 yuan / or so tons; Jiangsu and with south area value is in basically 4000-4100 yuan / ton between, area of the harbor that connect the cloud 4100 yuan / ton, nantong area quotes 4050 yuan / ton, relatively drop yesterday 50 yuan / ton, clinch a deal actually yesterday valence is in 4010 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal the volume is average; Shandong Yantai area 4100 yuan / or so tons, qingdao area 4080-4100 yuan / ton, rich promotes an area local price 4110 yuan / ton, drop slightly 10 yuan / ton, 46% albumen quote 4350 yuan / ton, linyi area 4050 yuan / or so tons, 4080-410 of aid peaceful area yuan / ton, go up 10 yuan / or so tons, dragon mouth area quotes stability is in 4100 yuan / ton, clinch a deal yesterday valence is in 4070 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal the quantity is very few; 4120-4140 of Liaoning Shenyang area yuan / ton, drop 60 yuan / ton; Area of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty clinchs a deal valence estimation is in 4050 yuan / or so tons; Chongqing area quotes stability is in 4150 yuan / ton; Guangxi prevents city harbor area to quote 4080 yuan / ton, clinch a deal 4060 yuan / ton, relatively continue to drop yesterday 20 yuan / or so tons, admire city district quotes stability is in 4050 yuan / ton, clinch a deal yesterday the price is in 4000 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal slant weak; Area value is in Guangdong Dongguan parcel 4000-4020 yuan / or so tons, beans of local India entrance dregses of rice yesterday dock quotes 3900 yuan / ton.

Domestic side, the beans dregses of rice spot price continues firm in drop, present the circumstance that volume price decreases together basically, quote and clinch a deal actually value is little go low, and other places of Jiang Zhe, Guangxi, Guangdong clinchs a deal price already fell to 4000 yuan / ton around, parcel area of Shandong of it is reported sells pressure to increase somewhat, and dregs of rice city lasted recently low fan, clinch a deal for stimulation, the price is lowered somewhat. Look from current condition, as the elapse of time, the supply that new beans appears on the market it is adverse that the height rises to legume, predict short-term beans dregses of rice the price will continue to be faced with rise pressure, concussion prices unavoidable. Attention is beautiful dish of trend, market clinchs a deal, the relevant circumstance such as soya-bean oil prices.
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