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Domestic beans dregses of rice analysis on September 5

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Domestic beans dregses of rice spot price continues to drop, quote is centered in 4000-4100 yuan / ton, drop 30-100 yuan, become friendship condition still more general. Each district is specific the situation is as follows:

Heilongjiang collect virtuous area beans dregses of rice the price is in 4130-4150 yuan / or so tons; Jiangsu and with south area value is in basically 3980-4020 yuan / ton between, area of Home Zhang harbor 4020 yuan / or so tons, area of the harbor that connect the cloud 4000 yuan / ton, drop greatly 100 yuan / ton, clinch a deal valence 3980 yuan / or so tons, nantong area quotes 4000 yuan / ton, drop 50 yuan / ton, clinch a deal the quantity decreases; Shandong Qingdao area 4000 yuan / ton, rich promotes an area local price 4040 yuan / ton, linyi area 4000 yuan / or so tons, dragon mouth area quotes 4000 yuan / ton, clinch a deal the amount is not large; Liaoning Shenyang area quotes 4100 yuan / ton, drop 40 yuan / ton, contract negotiate a price; Area of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty quotes 4030 yuan / ton; Chongqing area quotes 4120 yuan / ton, drop 30 yuan / ton, clinch a deal little; Guangxi prevents city harbor area to quote 4000 yuan / ton, clinch a deal 3980 yuan / ton, drop 80 yuan / or so tons, admire city district quotes 4000 yuan / ton, drop 50 yuan / ton, clinch a deal few.

Dow Jones reported on September 4, in the absense of benefit much information is propped up, option market of soybean of Zhou Si CBOT receives low 16-17 cent, continue to enlarge the near future to drop situation.

In September soja closing quotation 1234 cent, drop 17 cent; In November soja open quotation 1244 cent, nod 1259 cent high, low 1233 cent, closing quotation 1235 cent, drop 16.5 cent; 9 years in January soja closing quotation 1252 cent, drop 16.5 cent.

The beans dregsed of rice in December closing quotation 342 dollars / short ton, smooth close; In December soya-bean oil closing quotation 50.24 cent / pound, drop 1 cent.

The analyst says, new information deficient, crude oil is fatigued and weak reach a dollar to go strong to continue to attract market speculation undersell. Crop of ministry of Chinese and Western takes mid rainfall advantageous and late-mature soja grows, establish the market to defend fundamental key. Daytime whole is handed in cast delicate, walk along situation concussion. Nevertheless, soja period price did not fall low of broken Zhou San, crop crop inaccuracy restricted pressure of market be issued to lower levels surely 2008. The market is anxious, the strong precipitation that hurricane Gustav leftover force brings, the likelihood brings about reduction in production of crop of American delta area, add this tight already inventory situation, your soja drops situation get inhibition.

Forecast according to DTN atmosphere orgnaization, arrive a Zhou Si, area of city southwest ministry obtains ministry of ministry of southeast of Illinois greater part, Wisconsin, indiana city northwest and Mixiegen 3 inches of precipitation. Because spring sowing starts this year late, crop of soy be in the milk still but rainfall of benefit from benefit from. Next week, crop of ministry of Chinese and Western is taken western makings of area whole air temperature lasts under normal level, microtherm predicts to affect crop maturity plan.
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