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Wheaten day judges: Closing quotation rises

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Zhou San, chicago futures exchange (CBOT) rise closing quotation of market of soft red winter wheat is small, main reason is technical area exceeds sell.

CBOT wheat rises 6.25 cent differ to 8.25 cent, among them agreement rose in September 8 cent, the newspaper receives 752.25 cent / bushel; Agreement rose in December 8 cent, the newspaper receives 774.75 cent / bushel; Agreement rose in March 7.75 cent, the newspaper receives 798.5 cent / bushel.

Market of Zhou Er wheat steeps fall, bring about technical area to exceed badly sell, rebound for Zhou San on raise established fundamental key. Zhou Er, wheaten in December agreement achieves the nadir that nine month comes to.

Egypt buys two hundred and ninety-two thousand five hundred tons of wheat, included wheat of soft Gong Dong of 120 thousand tons of United States among them, this is much to wheaten market interest also.

But the analyst points out, yield of soft this year red winter wheat rises considerably, purchase and did not arouse the interest entering city of bull of Egypt consequently.

In light of whole, wheaten market is handed in cast somewhat slow, below the circumstance that steeps fall in adjacent pool soja and corn market especially.

Congenial fund bought 1000 hands agreement.


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