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Soja day judges: Periphery market steeps fall, rainfall is good, soja drops quic

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On September 2, chicago futures exchange (CBOT) soybean market closing quotation drops, but prep above dish in low, the reason is crude oil futures steeps fall, the dollar goes strong, the leftover force plus Gustav hurricane will bring advantageous rainfall to center-west region, formed pressure to soybean market thereby.

CBOT soja drops 15.5 cent differ to 30.5 cent, among them agreement dropped in September 30.5 cent, the newspaper receives 1301.5 cent / bushel; Agreement dropped in November 25.5 cent, the newspaper receives 1298.5 cent / bushel; Agreement dropped in January 26 cent, the newspaper receives 1315.5 cent / bushel.

The beans dregsed of rice in December agreement drops 2.6 dollars, the newspaper stops 355.4 dollars / short ton.

Soya-bean oil agreement dropped 137 a little bit in December, the newspaper receives 52.83 cent / pound.

Periphery market goes soft, the dollar goes strong, this formed pressure to soybean market. Commodity fund is cast in CBOT cereal and soybean market empty. Fund is cast empty contract of 3000 hands soybean.

An analyst says, this week later on Yilinuosi city and Missouri will appear rainfall, added the benefit air atmosphere of the market. In August western advocate weather yield an area is special all the time and dry. T-storm weather company says, from begin between Zhou Sizao, st. louis is taken to Chicago will appear the rainfall that is as high as 8 inches.

Nevertheless rainfall dimensions is forecasted very hard. The rainfall that 55 highway take may be in 2.5 control to 4.5 inches.

The analyst says, the area with the driest ministry of Chinese and Western may appear from August first since best rainfall, consequently the market begins to digest this one influence.

Crude oil futures is broken away from dish in when low, also drove soybean market to rebound from low. Nominal is answered fill intervene, guess plus the market American Ministry of Agriculture may move low soja good rate, this also supported soybean market.

According to American Ministry of Agriculture dish the crop weekly of late cloth shows, end in a week August 31, good rate is soja 57% , under photograph comparing, it is before a week 61% , go up year of the corresponding period for 56% .

The message of other respect, area truckman begins Argentine Luosaliao last week the strike, but at present strike upsurge had enlarged Si Aili of cloth appropriate Nuo this the haven with Bahia Blanca area. Truckman strike brings about commissariat to carry rein in, the likelihood causes partial requirement to transfer the United States.


The likelihood causes partial requirement to transfer the United States..


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