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Domestic beans dregses of rice analysis on September 3

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As a result of the electron dish drop with Lian Panjun, domestic beans dregses of rice spot price also firm in drop, quote is centered in 4080-4200 yuan / ton, drop 20-70 yuan. Each district oily factory quotes and clinch a deal actually the price differs more, difference of both sides of market supply and demand is bigger, market direction still not Anacreontic. Moving hasten of price of live pig of near future each district is firm, but whole goes situation still slant weak. Suffer festal demand to pull move the price to continue low space is not large, each district is specific the situation is as follows:

Heilongjiang collect virtuous area beans dregses of rice the price is in 4150-4200 yuan / or so tons; 4 draw ministry quotes 4240 yuan / ton, 46% albumen quote 4480 yuan / ton, drop 80 yuan / ton; Jiangsu and with south area value is in basically 4100-4200 yuan / ton between, area of the harbor that connect the cloud 4120 yuan / ton, stable, nantong area quotes stability is in 4100 yuan / ton; Shandong sunshine area has manufacturer price stability to be in 4120 yuan / ton, yantai area 4120 yuan / or so tons, qingdao area 4100 yuan / ton, clinch a deal application, rich promotes an area local price stability is in 4120 yuan / ton, linyi area 4050 yuan / or so tons, 4070-4080 of aid peaceful area yuan / ton, local drop 20 yuan / or so tons, dragon mouth area quotes 4100 yuan / ton, clinch a deal the quantity increases somewhat; 4180-4200 of Liaoning Shenyang area yuan / ton, drop 40 yuan / ton, dalian area estimation is in 4200-4260 yuan / or so tons; Area of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty quotes 4080 yuan / ton, drop 60 yuan / ton; Chongqing area quotes 4150 yuan / ton, drop 50 yuan / ton; Guangxi prevents city harbor area 4100 yuan / ton, drop 20 yuan / or so tons.

Dow Jones reported on September 2, suffer crude oil to steep fall, the dollar rises the rainfall that reachs hurricane Gustav leftover force to bring anticipates dozen pressure, option market of soybean of Zhou Er CBOT closes considerably low, but break away from the low inside day.

Close month in September soja closing quotation 1301.5 cent, drop 30.5 cent; Brunt in November soja open quotation 1257 cent, nod 1302 cent high, low 1256 cent, closing quotation 1298.5 cent, drop 25.5 cent; 9 years in January soja closing quotation 1315.5 cent, drop 26 cent.

The beans dregsed of rice in December closing quotation 355.4 dollars / short ton, drop 2.6 dollars; In December soya-bean oil closing quotation 52.83 cent / pound, drop 1.37 cent.

Trade business says, circumjacent market drops reach dollar look forward to is firm cause commodity fund usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price, dozen press CBOT cereal and soybean option market. Beforehand appraise fund day sells a 3000 magnify beans agreement.

Afterwards is medium August western advocate produce an area after local occurrence ravages of a drought, this week later on the precipitation forecast of Illinois and Missouri adds market interest empty fundamental key. Forecast according to T-Storm atmosphere orgnaization, arrive again to Chicago from st. louis city south takes Mixiegen, local fall rises to predict to be as high as 8 inches between Zhou Sizao. Nevertheless, very difficult appraise measures actual rainfall, total rainfall of periphery of 55 interstate highway predicts to be 2.5-4.5 inch. "From now forecast looks, this week will obtain area of dry dry land of ministry of Chinese and Western best rainfall opportunity, for at the beginning of August since first. For at the beginning of August since first..
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