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Analysis: Market of soybean of near future home goes situation billows not Jing

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Since last week, domestic soybean market goes situation billows not Jing, advocate market of soybean of Heilongjiang yield an area stays to close and be in backwater condition continuously in the round almost because of oily factory, maintain bought trafficker to have behavior of demand a low price individually, but because be apart from new beans to appear on the market only the time of a many month, each square wait-and-see psychology is relatively accordingly grumous. The key that current market pays close attention to puts Heilongjiang each advocate the soja that produces an area rises on the circumstance, of Xia Qiu slant the grouting bosomy bead that drought weather affects end ministry soja on certain level, if do not encounter early frost this year, so the bumper harvest is basic in sight; Predict to be in homebred before new beans appears on the market, the supply of domestic entrance soja will relatively abundant. And international soybean market continues to be slanted by element of inside and outside empty pressure and tend dish of whole oscillation. Nevertheless on the whole, the focus that market of domestic and international soybean pays close attention to is on the change of weather, whether can appear especially early frost, become the important variable that decides crop, particular case analyses as follows:

One of, whole of market of soybean yield an area is in backwater condition, wait-and-see mood is relatively grumous

Current, heilongjiang produces whole of area soybean market to be in backwater condition in, because be apart from new beans to appear on the market in great quantities,be less than the time of a month, because this market is wait-and-see atmosphere is relatively grumous; Be gone small effect continuously nevertheless by price of soja of near future international, the farmer shipment rate with heavier psychology of carry out of the cherish before this is accelerated somewhat. Open level value to the soja of autumn nevertheless, the market is at present overall relatively wait-and-see. Because be cultivated this year,rise generally of cost, once open level value,anticipate the price under the psychology of farmer accordingly, farmer is sure meeting cherish makes work; But the bumper the year's harvest that greets possibly makes the price appears hard last year rise considerably prices, the market is at present initial anticipate, heilongjiang soja opens level value to be in 3.6 yuan this year / kilogram - 4.2 yuan / kilogram, the Bo Yihui of both sides of predicting purchase and sale is more intense.

Secondly, occurrence fall after a rise of grease product price, soja demand also is immersed in stage by stage low fan

From the point of the demand of soja itself, as a result of occurrence fall after a rise of grease product price, soja demand also is immersed in stage by stage low fan. From the point of the circumstance of near future market, current Heilongjiang each lard factory continues to stop close, have a few oily factory only a few buying soja with additional stock. Soja yield an area buys the price to maintain stability basically. Although southern trafficker is right,produce grow in quantity of area soja inquiry, but did not have buy apiration, make overall clinch a deal not quite. Below the case that buys price on the low side in trafficker yield an area, clinch a deal actually be restricted further. In sell an area, food beans sale price somewhat fall after a rise, clinch a deal less, and state of mind of panic of a few trafficker is clear, low stimulation clinchs a deal, but people is bought go up to be not bought drop psychological existence, make clinch a deal to did not get coming true, bring about market soja price to continue then soft.
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