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Important news of global wheat a week: Wheaten high yield

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End in a week August 29, value of global wheat market drops, fail to continue last week go up situation, main reason is in sight of global wheat bumper crop, wheat of the Southern Hemisphere produces area weather improvement, formed to the price drop heavily pressure.

Zhou Wu, exchange of American Chicago futures (CBOT) before futures of soft red winter wheat compares a week, dropped 31.7 dollars / ton, exchange of futures of can Sa Sicheng (KCBT) before futures of hard red winter wheat compares a week, dropped 30 dollars / ton, bright Buddhist nun bourse of Si Gu other people of A wave benefit (MGE) futures of hard red spring wheat fell 30.22 dollars / ton, export price of wheat of beautiful bay soft Gong Dong dropped 33.7 dollars / ton. French wheat price rose 5.67 dollars / ton. The price of futures of wheat of strong anything resembling a tendon or vein of our country Zhengzhou rose 3.68 dollars / ton.

The analyst says, face of this information of Zhou Xiaomai market extremely benefit is empty, wheaten high yield gets confirming again and again. American Ministry of Agriculture predicts crop of wheat of whole world of year of this year 2008/09 predicts to achieve six hundred and seventy million seven hundred and fifty thousand tons, prep above six hundred and ten million five hundred and forty thousand tons of last year, the reason is one year wheaten price rose greatly in the past, made global farmer raise wheat to sow an area, and wheaten weather yield an area is basic and good.

International grain board (IGC) also reporting the attune on data of crop of wheat of whole world of year of lieutenant general 2008/09 reachs 672 million tons newly, than last month forecast on moved 10 million tons, also compare go up year of growth 63 million tons.

Russia Ministry of Agriculture expresses, russia grain crop achieves 100 million tons at least this year, on prep above year 82 million tons. Ministry of Agriculture of the beginning of the year ever predicted Russia grain crop is 85 million tons.

Zhouagenting and this Australian wheat produced an area to all appear advantageous rainfall, alleviated on certain level the ravages of a drought that wheat produces an area to be faced with, carry brace up local wheat grows. Bureau of Economics of Australian agriculture natural resources predicts crop of wheat of this year Australia will achieve 23.7 million tons.

Australian crop forecasts this company week to say, australian wheat crop predicts 10 thousand tons to be 2250-2300 this year, under 24.1 million tons when anticipate in the past, but still on far outclass year the level of because of drought reduction of output 13 million tons.

Forecast of 3 months weather indicates the future that according to Australian atmosphere bureau this week releases, spring Australia rainfall may achieve average level this year, this is the growth period of winter cereal key that includes wheat inside.
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