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Forecast: Heilongjiang province commissariat always is produced hopeful achieves

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Heilongjiang province realizes effort commissariat to always produce the target that ascends on 40 billion kilograms of step first this year, make save net income of farmer average per capita to grow 7% above completely.

Heilongjiang province is base of our country's biggest commodity grain production, enjoy " Beijing University storehouse " beautiful praise. In recent years, this province fulfils plan of civil administration of central Hui Nongfu seriously, bring the manufacturing enthusiasm of broad farmer into play ceaselessly. 2007, total output of Heilongjiang province grain is achieved 396. 5.5 billion kilograms, capture 4 years continuously grain bumper harvest.

Since this year, preparation of production of Heilongjiang province spring ploughing is sufficient, commissariat sows an area to stabilize growth. In the meantime, complete province each district was overcome spring drought, low temperature is cold kill wait for adverse effect, crop the way corp is growing is overall and superior at all the year round. Save statistical bureau statistic according to Heilongjiang, crop of grain of complete this year province sows an area one hundred and sixty-four million eight hundred and twenty thousand mus, than going up year increase 2.51 million mus, 90 what occupy crop to sow an area. 9% , gross and proportion achieve the history again new tall.

To capture this year agricultural bumper harvest, heilongjiang is saved farming appoint bear a circumstance according to of all kinds crop, seasonable organization helps advance somebody's career, the expert such as fertilizer of plant protection, earth establishs expert adviser group respectively by crop, adopt broadcasting television lecture, hold groom the means such as class, thorough countryside and field guidance, specific aim ground coachs the farmer strengthens field managing, ensure crop safety is mature.

Catching while good food is produced, heilongjiang province grows green food industry, service industry and produce treatment trade energetically, help farmer implementation add hard receive a target. This year, complete province has caught construction of big project of company of 15 backbones bibcock mainly, make save enterprise of dimensions above bibcock to develop 1700 completely, drive base 75 million mus, affect farmer 2.2 million. In the meantime, implementation service is achieved receive 26 billion yuan, make income of service of farmer average per capita achieves 1500 yuan, than going up year of growth 18% above.


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