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One, option market

Much emptier on August 28 both sides all lacks sequel to buy dish of interest, closing quotation of CBOT soybean option market goes up drop each other shows.

In September soja closing quotation 1348 cent, rise 10.5 cent; Brunt in November soja open quotation 1361 cent, nod 1371 cent high, low 1327.5 cent, closing quotation 1348 cent, rise 3.5 cent. In trading inside field, beforehand day of appraise spec fund sells a 1000 magnify beans agreement.

Beautiful beans leaves high low go, appear fatigued and weak go situation. Dish first, the dollar is fatigued and weak reach crude oil to rise cause a spec to buy dish, and crop crop is uncertain 2008 reach American Chen Dou to supply constrictive and collective aid push soybean futures to go tall, but rainfall of weather forecast indication future will alleviate produce an area dry, this interest empty factor brings about dish of face to go weak, the market is immersed in interval concussion.

Weather respect: DTN weather forecast says, crop of ministry of Chinese and Western takes north to reach western the area has rain, be helpful for alleviating near future soja grows the arid problem that be faced with. Zhou San, Zhou Si two days, neibulasijia, love China of carry on one's shoulder and Minnesota rainfall predict to amount to 0.75 inches, zhou Si evening comes Zhou Wu, star and Illinois also will obtain Weisikang precipitation waiting for a quantity. During on the weekend, weather is relatively dry, but next week one, 2 predict occurrence more rainfall. Did not come a few days, air temperature yield an area is close to or summary prep above is normal level, but anticipate a Leng Feng is being stood by, air temperature general somewhat fall after a rise, increase crop to grow the odds that encounters early frost.

Connect a beans now low low go, low arrange, price of midday later period is pulled quickly litre. Brunt agreement A0901 now open quotation 4295, highest 4296, lowest 4252, closing quotation 4285, relatively settle accounts price drops 45 a little bit yesterday, clinch a deal 910 thousand hand, add a storehouse 3930 hands.

The market is in draw near before new beans is reaped, be appeared by the influence of the element such as weather bigger wave motion, appear on the market as new beans the drawing near of time, subsequently will a large number of new beanses pound the market centrally, your market later period rises get greater pressure. Now dropped to also show upper part resistance is greater, the market has the likelihood of the callback, thinking of short-term tenability nominal, but prop up as a result of what be cultivated cost, this second callback vacuum is possible too won't big, the proposal is wait-and-see give priority to.

2, spot market

1. soja merchandise on hand

Whole of spot market of Heilongjiang province soybean clinchs a deal less, but inquiry is active, most oil factory stops close, individual oil factory has filling library behavior, trafficker is put in psychology of cherish carry out as before, but draw near new beans appears on the market, market demand square discretion is wait-and-see, await new beans to open level value state. Quoted price of partial oily plant is specific as follows: 3 2.2, gan Na 2, peony river 2.1; Oily beans: Abdicate is overcome 2.05, tender river 2.05, slow river 2, gram hill 2; Commodity beans: Gram hill 2.18, guest county 2.15, slow river 2.1.
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