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The beans dregses of rice day judges: Firm in adjust rise pressure is greater

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One, market general situation:

Respect of merchandise on hand:

Soja: Early now a message, nearly two Tian Heilong Jiang Jixian, friendship and soja of treasure clear area buy the value is little to drop, be in basically 4460-4560 yuan / ton between, drop be in 40 yuan / or so tons. Area of friendship of it is reported has oily factory to begin production in 25 days, because new beans has a month to the part begins to reap again, because estimation of the personage inside this place course of study is how old,the price falls possibly still somewhat. In addition, local beans dregses of rice the price is held firm, soya-bean oil price rises somewhat.

The beans dregses of rice: Closing quotation of market of soybean of Zhou Er CBOT is small drop, the reason is the dollar goes strong, early days goes up situation overdo, make speculator cast empty, final CBOT soja drops 0.25 cent differ to 5.25 cent. Respect of merchandise on hand, beans of domestic share area dregses of rice spot price is certain in adjust somewhat, partial area value has a bit glide, clinch a deal the respect is general and delicate, each district is specific the situation is as follows:

Heilongjiang collect virtuous area beans dregses of rice the price is in 4150-4200 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal valence still is in 4150 yuan / or so tons; Jilin Changchun area 4340 yuan / ton, stability of 4 draw ministry is in 4320 yuan / ton; Jiangsu and with south area value is in basically 4050-4200 yuan / ton between, area of the harbor that connect the cloud quotes 4200 yuan / ton, go up 20 yuan / ton, nantong area clinchs a deal actually yesterday valence is in 4050 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal the volume is light; Shandong Yantai area 4200 yuan / ton, qingdao area quotes 4160 yuan / ton, clinch a deal application, rich promotes an area 4170 yuan / or so tons, linyi area 4120 yuan / or so tons, 4150-4200 of aid peaceful area yuan / ton; 4260-4280 of Liaoning Shenyang area yuan / ton, dalian area stability is in 4280 yuan / ton; Area of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty quotes 4200 yuan / ton, relatively reduce 20 yuan yesterday morning / ton, it is reported is in namely yesterday afternoon this price, beijing area 4200 yuan / ton, go up 30 yuan / ton, tianjin 4150-4200 yuan / ton; Area of Henan week mouth clinchs a deal 4230 yuan / ton, relatively the price reduces 20 yuan yesterday morning / ton; Chongqing area clinchs a deal actually yesterday valence is in 4230 yuan / or so tons; Guangxi prevents newspaper of city harbor area to clinch a deal 4200 yuan / ton, stable, admire city district is in 4130 yuan yesterday / or so tons clinch a deal delicate; Guangdong region price is more certain, estimation still is in 4100-4200 yuan / ton between, zhan Jiang area clinchs a deal valence it is reported is in 4150 yuan / or so tons.

Domestic side, the beans dregses of rice spot price is certain in adjust, range is not big, jiangsu Nantong area clinchs a deal actually yesterday valence is in 4050 yuan / or so tons, look from the circumstance of understanding be in 4100 yuan / ton above clinchs a deal the quantity is general not quite, because this dregses of rice at present,valence continues to go up pressure is greater. On one hand feed business perch purchases interest abate, on the other hand bumper harvest of new this year beans and the pressure that is faced with concentration to appear on the market. In addition, beautiful dish presented concussion prices recently, predict short-term home beans dregses of rice spot price fears will maintaining exalted concussion. Continue to pay close attention to the market to clinch a deal, beautiful the relevant circumstance such as dish of trend.
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