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The beans dregses of rice weekly: Drop quickly to 4000 the following, difficult

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2008 the 36th week (9.1-9.7) , the beans dregses of rice the market falls continuously situation, the price goes low ceaselessly, final and local drop defeat 3900 yuan / ton a gleam of. The market at the beginning of week makes clear how-to circumstance to fall in lack, prices change is not big, wait-and-see give priority to, subsequently of beautiful beans defeated a next behavior home market to open the passageway that be down, spot price is forced to follow drop, in drop in situation, need to just enter city discretion, the market clinchs a deal overall weaker, more heavy the atmosphere that weak force drops. To Zhou Wu, suffer dish of face to continue to drop hit pressure, domestic beans dregses of rice spot price also continues low, each district price and 5 photographs are clearer last week drop, extent is in 120-200 yuan / or so tons, particular case is as follows:
Zhou Wu, heilongjiang collect virtuous area beans dregses of rice 4000-4100 yuan / or so tons; 4000-4020 of area of Beijing ferry look forward to yuan / or so tons; Liaoning area is in 4050-4100 yuan / ton; 3900-4000 of area of river short for Zhejiang Province yuan / ton; Henan area 4000-4030 yuan / or so tons; Shandong area 3950-4000 yuan / ton; Guangxi area 3900-3930 yuan / ton; Guangdong area 3850-3900 yuan / ton.
Market analysis
This week, the beans dregses of rice spot price drops situation is more than, to prices do not value your market performance to slant weak. The analysis thinks to affect a beans to dregs of rice the price goes the main reason of situation to be as follows:
1, American hurricane fails to carry brace up the market. Because Zhou Yi market worries about American hurricane to carry brace up CBOT period price rises, market of partial area report becomes friendship condition to have that day afternoon improve, however subsequently message says its level intensity wants to lose than what anticipate, and beautiful dish continuously with dropping greatly closing quotation, form apparent pressure to home market, the beans dregses of rice the price drops continuously subsequently.
2, the prices that this week appears volume price basically to be decreased together, need to just enter city discretion. Below the circumstance that after be opposite city does not value, clinch a deal on one hand delicate, also produce an influence to the sale psychology of oily factory on the other hand, at present and other places of Jiangsu, Shandong has it is reported manufacturer sale pressure increases somewhat.
3, the elapse as time, the supply that new beans appears on the market the height rises to legume adverse, and what raw material supplies is abundant also will be opposite dregs of rice city forms pressure.
City analyses after: At present oil dregses of rice the price all goes now to drop, basically be the influence that drops continuously as a result of international legume market. In addition demand side, as we have learned aquatic product stuff went now to drop August, partial company report drops in 20% the left and right sides, but as a whole domestic feed produces a circumstance relatively on the month increases somewhat, predict integral demand will continue to increase somewhat September. However, dregs of rice to home the international soja with city relatively apparent effect period value is short-term fear still will having space of be issued to lower levels, affect to its at present relatively greatly still dollar and crude oil go situation, do not have advantageous much information to appear temporarily, the influence that American Ministry of Agriculture reports pays close attention to next week quite inside course of study. Taking one with another, short-term home beans dregses of rice difficult character of prices of merchandise on hand is hopeful, market filling goods still is given priority to with a few ordering goods.

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