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The country pledges check total bureau gives out an announcement: Strengthen sup

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On September 11, the country pledges check total bureau gives out an announcement, the requirement is various on the foundation that qualitative inspect branch is doing safety of food of good Olympic Games to superintend safeguard to work, regard superintendency key as festal sex food, increase daily supervisory examination, ensure provision is safe during the festival.

Announcement requirement, various the daily quality safety that pledges inspect branch wants cogent aggrandizement to obtain card food to produce treatment company is superintended, through strengthening daily go on a tour of inspection and assault examination, strengthen an enterprise to produce archives to record management, the risk early-warning that strengthens pair of enterprises to use blame edible raw material and production of poisonous and harmful material to machine the illegal behavior such as food and precaution, supervise and urge the quality control that the enterprise strengthens manufacturing process and routine inspection test guard a pass, ensure to food safety accident does not happen during the festival.

The announcement returns a requirement, various qualitative inspect branch should hit feature of food black shelter to make carry out intentionally in severity fake on the foundation of food, increase a side to help strength up. It is to master this locality small mill in time to close, stop, and, turn and build small mill case, take strict precautions against the small mill resurgence that does not have basic and safe wholesome condition, be strengthened ceaselessly and perfect food small mill to superintend a system; 2 it is to because section solar eclipse tastes sell like hot cakes,take strict precautions against food small mill, manufacture in a rough way gives birth to maternity leave to risk false and inferior food even, the platoon that increases small to country and urban and rural copula mill to make mainly is checked, put an end to blind angle, take strict precautions against individual and harsh action to affect figure of safety of whole area food; 3 it is to increase a side to help strength up, basic to having safety defends the food small mill of unripe condition, on the foundation that ensures its maintain a condition, encourage its to promote quality safety to ensure ability, use a technology to supervise an advantage to create a condition actively for small mill, improve safe and wholesome level.

The announcement emphasizes, each district should give priority to a line with food safety, combinative holiday is special period of time, increase 28 kinds of big food to investigate and be opposite without card of food of sell like hot cakes execute the law the strength that make a holiday. Every discovers existence produces a sale without card, make a holiday make bad, forge risk produce licence certificate with food, risk the mark that use QS or the illegal behavior such as number of food production license, standard of basis product quality, special provision from severe punishment. To food of holiday sell like hot cakes, should investigate use blame mainly food raw material and reclaim additive agent for food of food of food production treatment, abuse, use expire degenerative food, production is fake the illegal behavior such as food. In the meantime, increase safeguard to supply disaster area further masses and involve incomplete the strength of food quality safety of abstruse meeting, overall organization begins food " two dozens " activity, the food with punish production abominable condition produces the manufacturing condition that machines an enterprise and environment, ensure food quality is safe.
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