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Qualitative check total bureau: Ensure all superintendency systems fall to real

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On September 14 morning, total bureau of national qualitative check holds the whole nation to pledge work of safety of check system food tightens urgent videophone conference, communicate carry out the Party Central Committee, the State Council to suffer about milk powder of 3 deer infant 3 get together the important directive spirit that cyanogen amine pollutes great and safe accident to make, the lash-up of branch of qualitative check deals with the job and near future concern the job to make comprehensive deploy.

The country pledges Li Changjiang of secretary of director of check total bureau, leading Party group makes serious talk, zhi Shuping of deputy director general moderates, great Wall of cattail of deputy director general, Wei Chuanzhong, Liu is average, ru Bin of Guo of member of leading Party group, Sun Dawei, Ji Zhengkun, Song Mingchang, Zhang Qinrong attends the conference.

Li Changjiang goes out in speaking middle finger, various qualitative check branch must serious the deploy according to the Party Central Committee, the State Council, answer mechanism of the lash-up that start according to I class. Should cogent solve milk powder of 3 deer infant problem and strengthen food safety to work, regard a current serious politics as the task, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, canvass, thorough punish, strengthen the job of each link in the round. His requirement is various qualitative check branch is checked in the round to superintending the job to undertake, ensure all superintendency systems fall to real point. Should fulfil strictly at the same time ask duty make, to relevant enterprise and direct responsibility person, must investigate gravely.

Urgent deploy expedites the conference 4 working groups supervise and urge to Heibei, Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia check milk powder of 3 deer infant the lash-up of great and safe accident deals with the job. Branch of qualitative check of requirement each district and orgnaization canvass are all dairy produce enterprise and all dairy produce, the key examines 3 get together the wholesome and safe index such as cyanogen amine. Always unqualified, should instruct an enterprise to stop production instantly, stop to sell, close down finished product. To entering the market, want to cooperate to concern a branch instantly, adopt next wearing, the measure such as go back, recall, cannot continue to cause new harm absolutely. Should accelerate relevant specification to make edit and detect method, detect technical research, improve a service level and guard a pass ability.

Cadre of above of class of deputy department of office of total bureau of national qualitative check, two appoint vice director, directly under is in Beijing is hanged rely on a party to an undertaking of unit party card to be in advocate the assembly room attends the conference, each directly under examines quarantine bureau, supervisory bureau of technology of quality of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government is in about chief each branch field attends the conference.
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