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Harbin will begin food safety special punish

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33 times standing conference discusses the municipal mansion house that held yesterday passed " Harbin city begins the food safety that attachs most importance to a dot with milk products program of special repair work " . This repair work begins concentration oil of pair of milk products, commissariat, edible, flesh and fleshy products, vegetable, bean products, aquatic product and wine and beverage the special punish of food of 8 kinds of big keys, make investment of Harbin city agriculture is tasted use get activity specification, fresh farming (cultivate, water) percent of pass of product sampling observation amounts to 90% above; Enclothe a face to the check of problem milk powder, issue a rate, to milk powder manufacturing company is stationed in superintend amount to 100% ; Make hidden trouble of food safety accident gets be controllinged effectively, food quality rises steadily, public food consumes safe feeling to increase ceaselessly.

It is reported, after incident of milk powder of recipe of infant of 3 deer card happens, municipal Party committee, municipal government holds Coordination Committee of city food safety instantly urgent meeting, study deploy begins milk products to investigate processing to work inside whole town limits. After the meeting, each relevant member unit such as superintendency bureau of medicines and chemical reagents of food of bureau of business affairs of bureau of bureau of city qualitative inspect, city industrial and commercial bureau, pasturage of city health bureau, city, city, city executes the law personnel begins investigation quickly to handle the job.

Agricultural pasturage branch

Advocate medicine of the vegetable grower that check greens remains and " lean lean essence "

" plan " regulation, door of Ministry of Agriculture and pasturage branch should continue to strengthen pair of agriculture investment to taste use, the strength that produces a process to undertake punish; Strengthen cultivate aquaculture product agriculture chemical remain, especially vegetable pesticide remain and cultivate birds and aquatic product breed " lean lean essence " etc ban with, be restricted to use medicaments remain to monitor; Severe forge carry out is fake the illegal behavior that agricultural investment tastes. Pasturage branch wants those who strengthen opposite delicacy to suckle quality to monitor. Door of Ministry of Agriculture should ensure terminal market of produce of will whole town 100% bring into quality safety to monitor limits.

Qualitative check branch

Company of food of compulsory inspection key

According to the regulation, qualitative check branch should continue to perfect milk powder to produce an enterprise to be stationed in a factory to superintend a system, aggrandizement is purchased to raw material, additive is used, the superintendency of the key link such as product routine inspection test. Severe blow uses blame food in key food production raw material and reclaim the illegal behavior of food of food production treatment and abusive additive agent for food; Ban stoutly without wholesome licence, machine food company without the business charter, illegal production that produces licence without food; To key food production machines industry organization to begin compulsory inspection and special selective examination. Ensure food produces treatment company 100% obtain food to produce licence, small mill 100% sign book of acceptance of food quality safety.
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