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Nanjing city starts food safety city to found the job in the round

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Work to consolidate in the round and enlarge food safety each achievement, promote safety of whole town food to ensure a level, promote harmonious Nanjing construction, a few days ago, municipal government of Jiangsu province Nanjing comes on stage " about founding food the opinion of the safest city " , establish the guiding ideology that Nanjing city begins food safety city to found, found assignment of overall train of thought of the job, goal and working arrangement clearly, put forward to arrive from 2008 2012, the effort that strives to pass 5 years, make county of 13 districts of whole town is achieved entirely " demonstrative division of safety of Jiangsu province food (county) " standard, found demonstrative guard of 30 food security in whole town (street) , found demonstrative block of 30 food safety (garden area, field area) , assess manages a standard one batch the food safety that sincere letter manages sets an example enterprise (inn) , achieve the target of 10 respects.

" opinion " requirement, whole town wants to attach most importance to a dot in order to build system of liability of wholesome food safety, with food safety " 3 nets " construction is grasper, set an example with food safety found an activity to be carrier, in order to carry out " food is at ease project " for masterstroke, with food safety special punish is a breakthrough, build in the round " arrive from cropland head mensal " the food of whole process monitoring supplies system of date from of system and food safety quality, check from superintend and director of safeguard of constituent leader, funds, assessment, credit system builds safety of informatization construction, food and 6 respects ensure public opinion of social conduct propaganda provision is the safest of the city found.

Origin: Supervisory management board of national provision medicines and chemical reagents

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