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Total bureau of national qualitative check is urgent system of recall of product

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Involve a face in view of problem milk powder wider and wider, to protect the human body health of consumer and life safety, total bureau of national qualitative check is urgent drafted " regulation of blemish product recall (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , be announced external yesterday and ask for social opinion.

The reporter understands, this is China publish problem product first " recall system " .

" byelaw " requirement, have one of following cases, generator ought to organize begin product defect investigation: It is to receive the consumer that related goods person harms to complain; 2 it is to learn product person to harm an accident; 3 it is the announcement that receives qualitative check branch to undertake blemish is investigated; 4 be the blemish that generator thinks the product may exist to be concerned with person safety; 5 generator learns a likelihood to be put in blemish through other way.

Of the blemish that via affirming a product existence and person safety concern, generator ought to stop product of blemish of production, sale instantly, product of active recall blemish, report to qualitative check branch.

" byelaw " requirement, investigate the result that evaluates with the risk according to blemish, the recall measure that generator ought to adopt includes: Release caution information to the society lawfully, inform consumer to stop to consume or be used, compensatory perhaps, correction consumption explains; The sale that informs other concerned production operator stops pair of this blemish products, rent wait for management activity, to the sale person have not the is put in this blemish product of work off, inform its stop to sell and give recall; The blemish product that goes out to making work, undertake repairing, change, retreat goods to wait.

30 days of introversion after generator is finishing recall pledge check branch refers recall to sum up a report. Qualitative check branch will sum up a report to undertake mixing assessment according to recall. If think the active recall that generator undertakes did not obtain those who anticipate the effect, can ask generator undertakes recall again, perhaps adopt lawfully other more significant step eliminates blemish.

Besides recall of generator proper motion, branch of qualitative check of the State Council also can ask to enforce recall. The State Council pledges check branch gives out the circumstance that instructs recall announcement to include to generator: The blemish that affirms via investigation product presence and person safety are concerned, generator ought to active recall but not of recall; Generator conceals the blemish that product presence and person safety concern intentionally; Because the fault of generator causes blemish product,the harm expands or happen once more.

" byelaw " still made severe condemnatory measure. For example, generator conceals product blemish intentionally to endanger information and did not form break the law, will instruct deadline to correct; Exceed the time limit still did not correct, will be in fine below with 200 thousand yuan. The inspection agency that assumes blemish inspection man to make, expert is forged examine conclusion perhaps issue false proof, to unit part 50 thousand yuan of above fine 200 thousand yuan below, to the director that is in charge of directly personnel and personnel of other and direct responsibility are in 10 thousand yuan of above 50 thousand yuan of the following amerce. Form crime, will find out criminal responsibility lawfully.
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