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Hainan invests 116 million build agriculture to examine detect early-warning is

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The Hainan that Hainan investment builds 116 million yuan is contemporary agriculture examines detect early-warning is prevented accuse technical center, lay a foundation at be in big talk city now morning start working,

Chen Cheng of Hainan governor Luo Baoming, vice-governor attends foundation stone laying ceremony. Hainan saves agricultural hall hall to grow Xiao Jie to say in ceremonially, contemporary agriculture examines detect early-warning prevents the big platform that accusing technical center is modernization of Hainan tropics agriculture, agricultural zoology environment detects supervise, the date from of quality of early-warning of evil living things, produce, recipe that measure earth examines etc 19 stature projects are compositive 9 old systems, with agriculture standardization production is a foundation, with agriculture manufacturing process is superintended for the method, safety of safeguard produce quality is a target. Enhance Hainan plant diseases and insect pests of great animal epidemic disease, plant and harmful biologic early-warning are prevented accuse ability, drive Hainan agriculture by the tradition to contemporary span.

Xiao Jie says, hainan gives dish of insular melon and fruit every year nearly 5 million tons, hainan agriculture is highlighted increasingly in countrywide importance, national Ministry of Agriculture and province government take Hainan seriously to save construction of system of monitoring of produce quality safety very much, the project strives one year to build, perfect 3 years.

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