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The expert suggests mechanism of lash-up of perfect food safety raises superinte

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When stone of Chen Jun of researcher of nutrition of center of control of precaution of disease of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, China and food safety place is accepting reporter special interview 20 days, say, the efficiency that Chinese government handles milk powder this to pollute incident and strength are unprecedented, to will perfecting mechanism of food safety lash-up further henceforth, raised superintendency technology measure to offer very good experience.

Mr Chen stone says, chinese government polluted the processing of incident to abide by the risk with current international to analyse a convention to this milk powder, decisive after sampling observation exposure manufacturer of 22 milk powder, this kind decision-making brought influence from long-term will look is active, accord with the principle that the risk with accepted international analyses.

Introduce according to him, explicit processing food adopts the country to be evaluated by the risk commonly when safe problem, risk management and the risk that risk information communicates 3 parts to comprise analyse frame. After food safety incident happens, should evaluate a harm to have many from expert level above all serious, wait for a respect from law, code, standard, sampling observation by the government next, according to the result that evaluates scientificly, the element such as habit of combinative place politics, economy, culture, food makes risk management measure. In the meantime, the expert's assessment the administrative measure of conclusion and government should be in make public to all organizations that concern with food safety and individual for a short while, what strengthen the respect such as government and consumer, operator through media at the same time is two-way communicate, utmost ground eliminates the psychological panic of people, reduce the needless loss that economic society may cause because of breaking out incident.

"Should say, right ' milk powder of recipe of 3 deer infant pollutes incident ' processing accomplished this basically. " Mr Chen stone says.

After milk powder of recipe of infant of 3 deer card pollutes incident happening, china organized an expert quickly to begin a risk to evaluate. Make the expert that evaluates to chair this, mr Chen stone passes the form of network interview, introduced to be opposite to the public 3 get together the process that the noxiousness of cyanogen amine evaluates and conclusion: If 3 get together the content of cyanogen amine does not exceed 15 milligram / in milk powder kilogram, the risk that causes healthy harm to children is very small. "This one conclusion is to be on the foundation of data of research of the United States, European Union, it is reference with appropriate safety factor, push numerate. Push numerate..

Mr Chen stone says, we are right " problem milk powder " in 3 get together it is rigorous that the noxiousness of cyanogen amine evaluates a process, the result is scientific. But this is not standard of set limit to absolutely, because be joined between food 3 get together what cyanogen amine itself is without conscience namely is tortious.
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