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Guangdong examines quarantine bureau bureau is begun " attestation approbates by

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This year is our country " attestation approbates byelaw " carry out 5 years, for comprehensive and objective understanding " byelaw " executive circumstance and effect, analyse existence problem, put forward relevant policy proposal, perfect system of form a complete set, guangdong examines quarantine bureau identifies inspect according to the country appoint uniform requirement, holding forum of relevant orgnaization, industry while, made face government sector, attestation to wait for 4 investigation questionnaire from community of the orgnaization of course of study, organization that obtain card, society respectively, ask for social all circles to be opposite " byelaw " executive circumstance and existence problem and proposal. Face government sector, attestation to investigate questionnaire to extend with the means such as letter, fax with what obtain card organization from orgnaization of course of study among them, the investigation questionnaire that faces social community passes Guangdong bureau website " the public is participated in " the column is released. Activity of this questionnaire investigation will end on September 18. Origin: The country adopts inspect appoint

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