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The quality of ham and flavoring according to taste food Heibang published in

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December 15 Trade and Industry Bureau in Anhui Province announced recent ham, condiments and other food quality sampling of the briefing, which has 3 shells manufacturers crisp sausage, cooking rice wine, Shaoxing rice wine because of superior technology such as excessive coliform bacteria, on the quality of Heibang to light. The sampling group of 30 ham products, test items are protein, nitrite, sunset yellow, carmine, amaranth, total number of colonies, etc., in which a group of unqualified items coliforms. While sampling soy sauce, vinegar, MSG, rice wine and food wine and other seasonings, which are samples of soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate are all qualified, while sampling wine and wine group 5 qualifying 7 group, group 2 failed, pass rate 71.4%. Failure include total acid, non-sugar solids, alcohol, amino nitrogen, pH value, β-phenyl ethanol, benzoic acid and total number of colonies.
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