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North China largest production base of seasoning small business put into opera

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December 9, North China's largest production base of spices - Beijing Wada Wide Food Co., Ltd. The new plant in North Little Ying Town Shunyi held a grand ceremony to officially put into operation. Wada Wide Food Co., Ltd. Beijing China brewing industry introduced the first foreign-funded enterprises, the production of the "wide" brand soy sauce as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games have been designated products. The Beijing Wide Food Co., Ltd. Wada Ying Town in North Little construction of a new plant is formally signed in February 2009 to move in, the total area of 70 mu, building area of 30,000 square meters, 2 billion investment, the introduction of absorption of a number of advanced technology and equipment to produce high-end condiments based. Officially put into operation, it will have an annual 3 million tons of soy sauce, vinegar, and 1 million tons 2 million tons of other high-end condiments and spices combined production capacity. It is understood that the project is assigned to the North Little Ying Town, Shunyi, Beijing Metro one of the important groups. In recent years, North Little 营镇 secondary and tertiary industrial base through a series of infrastructure has been gradually realized the "seven in one" comprehensive infrastructure to complete the "three vertical and four horizontal" road network construction, and make a professional green landscaping engineering, hardware construction and gradually improved. At the same time, by hand full service special projects, long-term mechanism to establish tax analysis, strengthening the staff team building, etc. to further enhance the software construction company assigned to service, the service areas of scientific development. 2010 alone, the introduction of the Beijing Huiyuan Beverage & Food Co. plant expansion project, COFCO, Farming Technology Co., Ltd. headquartered in Valley construction projects five real investment projects worth 3.51 billion yuan, long-term savings for the town, the power domain .
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