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Banyan residents of nutrition and health checks intake of most condiments are no

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"Fuzhou residents of the nutrition and health checks" to track 1, Fuzhou City residents began to nutrition and health household survey, Pacific City streets Cangshan Riverside 30 community residents to become the first survey. Through the household survey found that most of the residents more emphasis on the intake of vegetables and meat, eggs, spices such as the amount of Youyanjiangcu not pay attention. Condiment intake Most are not taken seriously An evening of 7:30, the reporter with the investigators came to the Pacific City Community Building 2, a residents home. Mrs. Zhu hostess with enthusiasm, she said she now just 8 months the baby at home every day to buy fresh vegetables and meat, eggs and milk every day is essential. "We only know that every day needs to eat fresh vegetables, fruits and meat, but as to how much to eat before science and health, which we really do not know." Mrs. Chu said she hopes to nutrition and health survey, to tell the ordinary household specifically how to eat really healthy. Speaking of the amount of spices, Zhu wife somewhat at a loss, she said she never cared about the amount of Youyanjiangcu. "I heard that unhealthy eating MSG, but did not taste MSG where? Time last year I have been pregnant to eat." Zhu said his wife, on the knowledge of spices less she knew, it did not concern. Through a survey of 30 households found that most are more concerned about health, but the specific intake is unclear, especially for the amount of seasoning. Although good health But the need for "free" 1 night, reporters in the Pacific City Community Building 5, the very fact that family to see, cabinets neatly placed in a variety of grains and cereals: Diospyros lotus, red dates, walnuts, almonds, millet, peanuts ... ... dozens. Ms. Zhang, 45, said she was a child who is away at college, her husband work outside the home long term, she spend more time off at home, so pay more attention to health. This reporter saw the very fact that the amount of salt box stood a spoon. "This is community development the amount of salt spoon, 2 grams per scoop, I eat 3 tablespoons per day, less than 6 grams of control to be healthy." Ms. Zhang said she was "healthy through." 1 at the home through the survey found that most families are "2 +1" family of three or "2 +2 +1" shared home with their parents, these families are mostly working-class, busy at work each day and do housework. "We also know to eat healthy, but a long day, home cooking and eat on the line, there is no time to think." Said Ms. Chen, who lives in Scenic Road. All for free medical Results back to the home 1, the investigation team total of 47 people, divided into five groups, each responsible for six residents, members of the group division of labor for weighing and seasoning survey, these investigators are mostly college students, Fujian Medical University. "Tonight's survey the whole efficient, most residents are willing to cooperate, but a few residents feel do not understand." Pacific City, community workers, said some residents do not want to be disturbed, while others are afraid of medical pumping blood. City CDC staff said all the residents of all medical items free of charge, all items are subject to a health institution. In addition, residents will get the feedback the survey results, each household can receive medical experts of the household food nutrition and health guidance. For personal and family privacy issues, the relevant departments and personnel will be kept confidential. Next, the iris community, Jianzhong community, the revitalization of the community, the pool, the community and Gimpo community will come home to carry out nutrition and health survey.
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