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Chinese condiment industry market potential and trends

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The objective reality of our country as a condiment for the development of a vast arena, but also many negative factors, can be said that both opportunities and challenges, development and crisis with the. "Black sauce" flooded the low-end market Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision Organization in a quality spot checks and found that soy sauce products are 1 / 4 of failure, and some products preservatives actually exceeded 10 times. And the exposure of soy sauce, sauce is just tip of the iceberg product issues, the author in a food professional website, enter "seasoning" to search, only two pages to contain "Beijing: Fresh Winds chicken shelves because of failure" "Chengdu food seasoning issues and more", "'Plum card' seasoning was found unqualified", "1 to February Zhengzhou chicken into a passing rate of less than three", "Hangzhou seized 440 kilograms of counterfeit MSG," "non- the impact of salt, iodine salt smuggling market "and" lions seized 43 boxes phony "," Wenzhou seized 600 bales of fake chicken "," pepper spread false market in Nanjing, "and other negative reports, the search results of all the 1 / 5 or more. I visited several large supermarkets, and found no recent being "wanted" these spices, but in the urban-rural small supermarkets, grocery stores and farmers markets found that the distribution channels are many problems in the sales of condiments. With soy sauce, for example, where most of them are no-name, small plant products, and some even without name and address, shelf life of the "three noes" products; and some had no flavor and soy sauce should flavor, only salty, there's even some bitter taste. Spices could be more prominent, many farmers market sales of chili powder, pepper, aniseed and other mostly open-air display, even the most basic sanitation can not be guaranteed. Cost-effective Condiment industry is based on deep processing of agricultural products by the market price of raw materials and greater impact on people's consumption level, the product production process in the processing of a long cycle, capital occupied a large, slow turnover, and the added value of the product itself is very low, so "cost-effective" has been a headache for the industry to do. In recent years, industry and technology low, foreign capital is very easy to enter, whether individual, collective or joint ventures have increased, so that the total market demand tend to excess. In the small living space, some spices businesses competing with each other keep the prices down, the price war, resulting in little effect of this on a more modest profit of seasoning products, what is more vicious competition regardless of cost, to share a key residue soup, and some cut corners, lower quality, and some shoddy, shoddy, fake accusing him of their city, it will not only result in serious competition in the market disorder, but also to make a profit seasoning products, quality is extremely reduced, our business it is difficult to create quality and efficiency. Similarly, the industry price war also unable to make the product into a brand from the fundamental value of war. Majority of the local brand is not strong brand awareness Subject to local customs and individual differences in taste preferences influence, condiments to local brands to the majority owners, with the continuous deepening of reform and opening up and development of market economy, although some enterprises have gradually developed into a regional brand, the products have been part of radiation to neighboring markets outside the province, but the real sense of national brands is not much to "the four famous vinegar" is concerned, is also mainly showed in their mainstream consumer base. At present, mainly in manufacturing flavoring Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Beijing, Shanxi, Sichuan provinces, cities, including Shanghai's market share of 30% or more, Mrs. Le Shanghai, Shanghai McCormick and other more well-known enterprises Other regions such as Guangzhou Zhimei Zhai, Beijing Wangzhihe, are also doing well. From the brand structure, called out the slogan to market the brand in the country for less than 1%, of course, the flavor of the product, size of the business, brand value, all related to local differences, but also the pursuit of immediate condiment business short-term interest, not pay attention to market needs and strengthen the direct link of modern marketing. Thus, the "long-term local operations, not broad market scope, weak brand," the flavoring industry, a serious practical problem. The market needs more and more of the spices in the context of domestic enterprises in some spices but is relatively lagging behind the pace of development, the industry has economies of scale, strong brands are not many businesses. As far as I know, in recent years, due to industry and technology low, foreign capital is very easy to enter, so some seasoning companies competing with each other keep the prices down, the price war. Some companies even shoddy, shoddy, accusing him of the city near the famous, not only caused the disorder in competition in the market, leaving the industry unable to shift from fighting price wars for the brand value. In addition, by the local customs and individual differences in taste preferences influence seasoning brand owners should take place mostly true sense of the national brands are not many. Thus, not broad market scope, the weak brand has become a grim reality condiment industry problems. Persistent production of raw material price increases and gradually increase the cost of hardware In recent years, China has suffered a condiment wave of price hikes of raw materials, from the second half of 2006 to the present, the continuous rise of raw materials, significant fluctuations in market prices, greatly affected the condiment production and sales. Meanwhile, with state enterprises standardized management condiments, spices of the sub-products industry standards have been put forward, condiments produced materials more and more standardized. After the introduction of industry standards such as chicken, chicken and nitrogen content of the provisions of the two rigid target, making the whole industry a sharp rise in the cost of chicken production, chicken is about to face a large industry-wide prices. Looking to the future market, seasoning with its raw materials prices will rise in the cost of a sustained upward trend. Sub-category from the condiment market, the marketing of the status and pattern, and spices sub-type of market and potential analysis: Seasoning sauce is the first major product, production accounted for about 50% of the total spices, 600 tons, a relatively stable country has 2,700 enterprises, soy sauce industry is now divided into two stages, Guangzhou Name Road Marketing Consultants Ltd. predicted that the next five years, the market will be the Haitian soy sauce, Lee Kum Kee, taste a few things up, etc. in the hard, soy sauce, the battle should be dominant in 2012, while the more companies will become a regional brand of soy sauce , or a strong business branches, of course, take the OEM manufacturers are also regarded as a good way out. Vinegar industry leader all the way from the listed company Handsome, vinegar products a total capacity of a rapid upward trend. Shanxi packaging up a business, re-positioning, high-grade vinegar reached the market, giving the industry open up new marketing model. High input high product condiment company, if the operation should be well feasible, after a domestic enterprise through intensive advertising efforts condiments, strong consumption growth driving the terminal, but also success stories. Vinegar, vinegar after several years of rapid development in the future should be a strong product. At present, Guangdong, Henan and other places, the market showing rapid growth. Chicken industry, including chicken chicken powder, chicken flavor seasoning there has been basically in a giant carved out situation. East China, North China market, strong influence of his wife happy, Southwest chicken market Hodge strong market, the South China market, Kellogg is still a solid market position; However, strong regional brands ruling does not mean there is no opportunity for strategic analysis of thinking that "the most dangerous place in the most secure "in the music strong wife under the influence of the East China market, a company in Jiangsu, by focusing on breakthrough polymer network, the real operation of the" Long Tail ", and achieved gratifying victories; This also indicates that chicken products, market still has room to grow. MSG industry, MSG is a homogenization of serious industrial and manufacturing enterprises are facing the problem of pollution disposal, the local environmental protection requirements for different makes of MSG will show the distribution of enterprises relative to the regional concentration of dispersed situation, given their consumers believe that MSG eat no good, and turn chicken to eat chicken powder, MSG industry, making proudly difficult, in fact, from the industrial sources of MSG Enterprises, a restaurant open channels have a lot of room for gaps, also, the difference of the MSG is also can find its way into the Red Sea from the price; MSG industry, market competition will be reflected in the competitive corporate strategy, merger integration of large enterprises will enable the industry to become industry giants monopoly industries. Sauce and juice products, in fact, in the fast growing market, the development is very uneven, mainly south and east business grew rapidly. Market sales of large sauce products are hot pepper sauce, meat sauce, seafood sauce, sauce, miso, sales of these products are relatively stable at present, juice products in the fast-growing, but at present the total market is not large Therefore, the juice products should be shared with the large amount of product sales, should be positioned to profit products. Sauce products should seek to differentiate the growth of a breakthrough, such as in Shandong Yutang sauce works, is the first certified by the Ministry of Commerce of the old Chinese enterprises, the company main products of the traditional sauce, low profit margin, as prices of raw materials, This Xiaoliang pillar enterprise product prices could not be accepted after the consumers, through marketing staff and R & D departments to work together to differentiate their products, non-stick pan sauce, a selling point for "good non-stick pot", this rapidly products separate from other sauces, made explosive growth in the market. In contrast, unique flavor, it is highly potential market in Sichuan bean paste, but not a very good grasp of this market, sales growth was lagging behind its peers in the south and east, which is very distressing. Sichuan bean paste and backward, had previously received the "new food" magazine and several other magazine that had some analysis on this issue, is to summarize what, Sichuan bean paste has long been significantly lower than the growth rate of the development of the reasons , the main points: First, low levels of competition, not collaboration awareness; the threshold is low, product homogeneity serious, so the competition is mainly focused on mutual bargain levels, resulting in the low-cost incentives, the overall quality continues to decline, causing the National Consumer Sichuan bean paste that is low-quality low-cost, good quality of Sichuan bean paste but because of relatively high prices and no market; Second, backward technology, there is no innovation; more content with Sichuan enterprises, there is no sense of innovation, or do not want to do related investment, for most enterprises, or continue to use the ancient legal sauce, not even ashamed of, anti that the wing, there is do not know the Sichuan bean paste has been out of the new production process, and can greatly reduce production costs, shorten production cycle, in fact, sad; Third, the marketing sense behind. Sichuan bean paste is not no good, is not without good talent, but most marketing sense behind the past few years, some enterprises to grow, but, if not the national expansion of Sichuan restaurant, driving the consumer, often without rum Select Open in Sichuan enterprises but also how far it? These two advantages can help companies go far? Many marketing companies in Sichuan bean paste still stuck in the passive attitude of the stage, so this part to the ambitious enterprises in Sichuan bean paste favorable soil, from product planning, brand planning, market expansion, can quickly lead, then build on increased competition threshold. Compound condiments in the world, complex spices condiment market accounted for 80% of the share, while the mainland market is just the opposite, only 20%, but developed countries and regions, sales channels and condiments market in China is quite different , that is, the developed countries and regions, sales channels rather biased towards the condiments of modern retail channels, but also on convenience food, so the demand for composite dressings will be very large, which is not consistent with domestic demand, which is why some companies see the market opportunities, but disproportionately estimated the market for growth, therefore, inputs and outputs inconsistent results as the industry martyrs; compound seasoning condiment is undoubtedly the future direction of development of the Chinese market, but foreign experience and practices to enter the Chinese market, the need to do more adjustments, including the second product positioning, brand promotion, channel selection, promotions, etc., is a larger adjustment needs to be done, so as to be targeted, quickly achieve their goals.
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