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Soup condiment market prospects in China first-class quality by the pro Po Lai

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For the busy office worker mother, the day to make a healthy delicious family dinner is the most important thing in life. Knorr soup treasure is undoubtedly a good helper for her mother white-collar workers. Simple ingredients, combined with a small piece of Knorr soup treasure, can easily make a delicious mellow good soup. Recently, the China Cuisine Association, Unilever's brand of house music together, and Tudou, proceed to solve the problem for the majority of workers, organized a "good life from the beginning of each meal - balanced and healthy meal," the theme Family Soup Po Seminar. From nutrition, cooking, food industry experts gathered in Beijing to discuss how the fast-paced life, to eat every meal delicious and healthy. Delicious and healthy start from the choice of professional seasoning In order to stimulate the pursuit of taste, it tastes more like thick rich, so the dishes of the season is very important. Chinese Nutrition Society, Nutrition, Dr. FAN Zhi teacher that should be a healthy way of seasoning Is "less fat, salt, light a fresh" make appropriate use of condiments on a healthy diet is also very important. "Unilever's Knorr brand is a good choice." Nutrition experts Unilever R & D centers in China, Madam Liu says, "After nearly a century of experience and a professional chef and R & D group Team support, Kellogg has developed a Family treasure soup products, the selection of superior raw materials, do not add preservatives, chemicals, taste for consumers, while also passed health. " Weapon Master to be an appropriate combination of healthy eating Dishes to be healthy, of course, but also delicious. China Cuisine Association Deputy Secretary-General Hou Yurui Food Nutrition Board to recommend that we can use some more seasoning new compound, also recommended a home happy soup treasure. In his view, This type of product, not only to the level of taste richer, they could save a lot of time. FAN Zhi-teacher also said that a healthy diet should be light, and through a variety of ingredients with a balanced nutritional intake each day. The "cabbage chicken soup" for example, raw materials only cabbage, chicken breast with a piece of music and old home Master Po chicken soup, no need to add oil, salt, light but well-balanced. Quality to create "seasoned people" chowder Po recognized by the experts Healthy eating concept, using the world's first high technology combined with frozen soup tastes of Chinese consumers Knorr soup come to treasure a mother sought after by the majority of office workers. In the fast-paced life, with a concentration of House Music Tang Po with a variety of fresh ingredients cleverly, you can easily make a healthy and balanced good soup. By Unilever Global R & D center with 150 experienced consultants Kitchen, Family soup Po constant breakthroughs, adjusted for the Chinese restaurant Smell goods market has opened a new chapter. As the world's fast-moving consumer brands - Unilever's food brands, Kellogg from 1838 insisted been doing since the birth of high-quality products for professional chefs and home cooking catering solutions and professional seasoning production Products. "Family" with its brand promise of the world's first spices to the rigorous scientific testing and measurement data to support authorities to ensure product quality, not only through the National Center for Food Quality and Safety Supervision, Inspection and recognition Set at the same time has been recognized by food industry experts and consumers at home.
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