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China offers 5 views with respect to problem of world food safety

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The 63rd the United Nations General Assembly will kick off 16 days in headquarters of new York U.N. local time. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces now " file of footing of China of the 63rd the United Nations General Assembly " with respect to world food safety the problem offers 5 views.

The file says, food safety is economy and problem of the people's livelihood not only, also be development and safe problem. Each just should act on the concept of joint development, active and effective harmonious policy and action, collective appropriate answers food safety problem. Chinese view:

- - increase aid strength, supportive U.N. develops harmonious action, stabilize grain price hard, help developing country overshoots difficulty;

- - make strategy of long-term international commissariat collaboration, take grain production seriously, raise grain crop, increase food stock;

- - build environment of favorable international produce commerce, build order of fair and reasonable international produce commerce;

- - strengthen macroscopical and harmonious, restrain excessive speculation, form the international collaboration mechanism that is dominant with U.N. , build market inchoate early-warning, monitor supervise, the global food safety that aid of macroscopical adjusting control, close emergency treatment is an organic whole ensures a system;

- - the issue of grain of eye look upon that uses mutual connection, make over in finance, commerce, aid, environment, intellectual property, technology wait for each domain multibarrel to fall together, build advantage to safeguard food safety.

The file thinks, causing the cause that grain price rises continuously is many sided, rise in price global commissariat ascribe to the development of the developing country, or ascribe to some policy of a certain country, both neither accords with a fact, also not be the constructive manner that solves a problem.

The file points out, china is the positive force that safeguards world food safety. Come nearly 10 years, self-sufficient rate maintains Chinese commissariat all the time in 95 % above. The farmland that China uses 9 % of world to control solved 20 % of world to control the grain issue of population, this is safe to world commissariat significant contribution. China still is in all the time the limits introversion developing country of in one's power offers a help.


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