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Commissariat soja crisis: The world is in go accordingly regulation turns

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Come one many year recently, world economy already had the evidence that is immersed in the crisis apparently. With differ greatly before, this economic crisis is " sickish send together " -- the important facet that in commissariat, oil and finance 3 mankinds live, the world met big trouble at the same time. world commissariat ate not quite really, was oil used not quite really? The supply and demand that majority observer thinks commissariat and oil crisis are not by new classical economics place says is lopsided be caused by, decide this " the market " it is international to fry the home actually, minority is mastering the person that world commissariat and oil trade and organization, hold accused world commissariat and oil price. And in the United States sub debt crisis erupts, elephant of chaos of world banking system finishs after showing, the ternary crisis of commissariat, oil and finance, close again and show for an organic whole for financial crisis.

How does force of sex of a few forestall affect course of global economy politics? It is with food crisis exemple. World grain price is unexpected between resembled going up clockwork spring is same hurricane dart, long-term will see situation of as overall as the world of course commissariat supply and demand concern. However, if think because world grain productivity does not follow to go up,pattern of this kind of supply and demand is pure,population grows demand, however evidence is insufficient, it is held of tycoon of commissariat of international of apparent be enslaved to be enslaved to of purpose again accuse.

Will show a problem with data. On today's international grain market, forestall of auspicious of Da Fu of easy · of trade route of the 4 big grain that cross a country, ADM, state, fine auspicious world commissariat trades 80% of the quantity. Tycoon of this 4 big commissariat divides Yi Da outside inspire confidence in sb, other be in the United States. Well-known, below the go canvassing of commissariat tycoon and agricultural interest group, to its agriculture gives a huge sum allowance since the United States and Europe are long-term, and external criterion leave no stone unturned wants other country to open produce market, executive produce free trade.

This one policy caused very clear impact to the agriculture of the developing country. Beautiful Europe because agricultural protectionism, in its home maintained higher commissariat price, but export external because give,export allowance and form low advantage to the commissariat of other country. Contrary, general industrialization has not finish the developing country, need is smoked pare agricultural the rest comes allowance industry grows, the result forms price scissors of workers and peasants in home, commissariat is pressed on inferior price level mostly. This makes the farmer of the developing country lost the enthusiasm that is engaged in grain production gradually, the agriculture of the developing country produces latent capacity to be restrained accordingly. Not only such, do not be short of the country of grain formerly not less, because the farmer produces enthusiasm,still drop and turned commissariat into entrance country.
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