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The Chinese countermeasure of times of fast food price -- Zhu Changguo of former

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"In store grain " want reform

" be born greatly " : Somebody thinks, in store of grain lay in grain to enjoy move and the pay like central reserve temporarily, can go however commercialize road, hold the double identity of policy and market concurrently, become so corn from produce an area to rise to the cost that sell an area, a lot of enterprises compensate, in store grain has money to earn however. Because this somebody thinks this is inequitable.

Bright red: This is kind of misunderstanding. In store grain suffers a country to entrust buy commissariat. The government drafts a plan, if how much buy, buy by breed of what price, what, when put in storage. Particular operation changes by Chinese commissariat bureau and hair appoint accredit, in store grain is in charge of delivery of cargo from storage, commissariat bureau is in charge of auctioning. Accordingly, this is governmental action, not be market action.

In store grain should be not of deficit, but also won't have very high profit.

" be born greatly " : In national financial support falls, in store grain held an industry to go up almost from close store, the almost all advantage that carries sale network. This makes other close store the vivosphere of the enterprise is squashed, of commissariat system in enterprise of little buying and selling is faced with live the crisis. Do you think this is the trend of a development that will come to food company?

Bright red: This problem is open to question at present. My individual thinks, this belongs to commissariat current system reform does not reach the designated position, perhaps saying is to belong to transfer period problem. The reform of Chinese enterprise, begin from 1998, had experienced 10 years, from many 60 thousand enterprise at that time reform arrives now many 40 thousand; The commissariat branch at that time 300 much people, in decreasing to include now store grain inside 900 thousand person. Should say, had managed diversity phase solely from the country. This reform, obtained very great success, but had not accomplished. Main show does not reach the designated position in share-holding system, reform even so, in store grain also wants reform.

Biology the sources of energy still has very remote region to want

" be born greatly " : What does China develop the policy of biology the sources of energy and past photograph to change than having at present? What is the policy of the sources of energy of Chinese development biology at present?

Bright red: 20 centuries 90 time later period, chinese commissariat is begged for be more than, sell do not go out, storehouse finite, did not control the development of biology the sources of energy, went up processing factory of a batch of corn, produce starch and alcohol. The alcohol processing factory at that time invests by the country, altogether approves 900 thousand tons, first phase produces per year 300 thousand tons of alcohol.
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