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Commissariat rises in price whether make our country farmer is benefited really

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On August 28, sun Zhengcai of minister of Ministry of Agriculture makes in standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress " the report that the State Council receives a circumstance about promoting farmer stability to add " add the farmer the problem that close to be placed in us once more before, also make many personages appeal our country government ought to unlock commissariat price again, or say to conform with international commissariat price; Or land is changed demesne. However, the essence of the problem depends on, of price of this international commissariat soare, how many did the farmer of world each country have to be benefited from which? If farmer of great majority of world each country did not get how many benefit, and still make many farmers rise in price in this commissariat defeated in tide produce, so, the farmer of our country by what can true be benefited?

The problem is " the vegetable below cost pressure: Are 600 jins of aubergine bought reach a bag of compound fertilizer? " it is with the problem " bureau of statistic of avalanche of price of Guangdong young pig is urgent survey sow butcher is wet " the article parted to because of,introduce from two respects farming asset tastes rise in price make what farmer earnings falls actual. However, on the contrary, consumer whether because of this be benefited from which? See the price of the produce such as the vegetable that we buy, pork, the answer not with respect to be clear at a glance?

And " who does grain price violent wind rise to seek advantage in danger? Foreground of Chinese grain price is not hopeful " the article introduced beautiful Europe farmer to also be done not have to us again be benefited from inside fast food price, can be like Meng Shan, the tycoons of the minority agriculture domain such as fine auspicious company grabbed however record-breaking usury embellish. "World bank data makes clear: Came in December 2007 between 3 months Feburary 2008, hill of the first month of company of production of agricultural goods and materials company net income 1.12 billion dollar, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, profit almost twice grows; Fine auspicious company also unwillings to lag behind, net income of the corresponding period is added from the 553 million dollar last year to 1.03 billion dollar, rise 86 % . Rise 86 % ..

In other words, the person be benefited of food spurt in prices is not the broad farmer of each country, however minority has capital of finance of \ of abundant and industrial capital, and mastering what sell price power to terminal from content shedding to be like Meng Doushan such collect all sorts of resource advantages the big company at a suit, most farmer is these companies grab nevertheless of profit of high specified number carry a line " puppet " just. Be? Happen this year the grandma of the country such as the Germany between 5~6 month, Italy, Spain, Holand farming is incident pouring a grandma also a very good evidence? The essence of the problem depends on, the farmer amount of these economic developed countries is gotten lesser than us more much, but, how many does the population that rich gens belongs to in them have again? Its a few farmers (or farmer) why can you rise in price in this commissariat again go bankrupt in tide? Just manage what not to be pooh-poohed causes?
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