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From " second borrow the crisis " oriented " food crisis "

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Looking install Di Kaisile " the flesh of wall street " when, impression is quite deep is " what you do is not analyst job, what you are engaged in is recreational career " . Should see what sweep across the whole world quickly " food crisis " when, think of this word very naturally. Between one night, food crisis already but with second borrow the crisis to pay equal attention to, the numerous and authoritative orgnaization such as world travel, IMF emphasizes the social risk that causes possibly from this more.

Apparent, global attention is in it seems that by " invisible hand " from inside crisis of a banking move removeds come.

Perhaps people is reviewing after the event when 2008, meeting " the outbreak of food crisis " label one of main event, but be necessary to reiterate we are summarizing the point of view that states when 2007 here: "Credit crisis is immediate result that borrows the crisis, the reflation is beautiful couplet store the inevitable consequence that lower interest. These two incident changed the contrail that global economy and finance run, more crucial is, both already continued to 2008, become the issue of perforative annual likely, especially reflation. Especially reflation..

Apparent, current " food crisis " , be not is problem of simple supply and demand. Very long since, the problem of commissariat domain is unwell and operable " significant demand " explanation, some demand are to cannot produce those who buy behavior. But what food crisis affects above all and browbeat is those " significant demand " besides the poor that lacks purchasing power, reflective is a kind of external demand, unless population growth puts delay, otherwise this kind of demand changes even if " tigidity expands " .

In fact, current what we see " food crisis " main impetus comes from two respects: One of biology the sources of energy are popularized, secondly commissariat price goes up. Gram of benefit of assistant of world travel president also goes to main reason end " biology replaces the sources of energy to develop quickly " , but this conclusion not likely is brillant.

Dollar crisis brings about a reflation

If eliminate element of climate problem, calamity and farmland to decrease, it seems that all now bringing about " food crisis " the element meets those who point to a dollar to devalue continuously. The promotion of biology the sources of energy is not environmental protection creed person successful, however backside interest appeals to beg; An estimation is, international oil price should stand in 70 dollars only / bucket upper part, biology the sources of energy is profitable. Go up somehow, the rise of cost of global agriculture production also is the inevitable result that the dollar depreciates for a long time. Just begin to put when agricultural productivity when delay and new requirement appear, this problem just begins to erupt centrally.
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