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What international food business permeates Chinese food division to play unsolve

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Far-reaching intent

The strategic intention that business of the food that cross a country enters domestic commissariat domain is quite apparent already, and its already also began a series of movements by right of abundant capital actual strength. Henan saves Yu Fenghui of agricultural bank researcher to say, second half of the year began last year, zhengzhou grain terminal market is stablize grain price, auction 10 thousand tons of about a hundred wheat every week, but the effect still not apparent. "Among them a lot of commissariat are crossed food business and its agent buy the country corner, market grain price because this billows not Jing, continue tall. Market grain price because this billows not Jing, continue tall..

The letter in Shanghai collects Du Xiaohua of vice-president of limited company of grain futures economy to say eastward, from the point of the real operation of produce futures, want certain market main body to master the source of domestic goods provisions of 10% only, can create the mood that is short of grain in domestic spot market, buy ceaselessly in option market again, the hype method of this kind of merchandise on hand and futures linkage is tall to frying grain price has times synergism to answer.

International food business controls the backside of food source quickly, also can have the shadow of domestic and international congenial capital. Today wheat man flour (Yan city) Song Baoxue of limited company general manager tells a reporter, the large stockholder of oily group of this international food is international one of business of 4 big food, it already had to the be covetous on of Chinese grain market old, its are sealed to Chinese success in soja industry accuse, already became the lesson of deep feeling of grief of Chinese agriculture.

In occupying store grain head office introduces, after international food business is mastering oil pressure of domestic major plant to extract ability and sale terminal channel, begin large-scale control again domestic food source, be built in each district again or buy processing factory of flour factory, rice, consolidate network of commissariat purchase and sale, the sale channel that uses vegetable oil enters commissariat to consume the market, this meeting gives our country commissariat current bring particular risk with safety.

Current, international food business is being mixed along harbour mouth city mid commissariat advocate produce an area to build large food other people to shed an enterprise. This year in June, the food fat other people of oily group of this international food sheds base in Jiangsu peaceful city integrated content sheds tall harbor garden area throws construction, always invest 300 million yuan, cover an area of 100 mus. 2004, oily group of this international food is returned in Heng Yang investment builds the grain oil with a the largest area austral Hunan 100 million yuan treatment and content shed base.
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