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Soja is new politics hurried shuffles into the industry, detailed rules should c

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National hair changes appoint came on stage recently " the directive opinion that develops about promoting soja to machine industry health " (next weighing " opinion " ) , raw material of industry of hope change soja external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent tall, inside endowment the problem such as specific gravity on the low side, the standard develops with what give aid to domestic soja machines course of study.

The expert of relevant domain, scholar held on September 5 " soybean futures changes newly bureau and dispatch seminar " go up to express in succession, " opinion " come on stage be helpful for inside endowment the development of the enterprise, may cause the reshuffle of soja industry, the country should develop energetically and perfect soybean option market, encourage and guide company of soybean production, commerce, treatment to participate in option market to cover breath protect a value.

" opinion " benefit at inside and outside endowment fair competition

"" opinion " most the problem that the content of materiality solved fairness of enterprise of endowment of inside and outside to compete namely, this machines the development of course of study to have very important import to ethical soja. In the past to attract foreign capital, the country gave their policy in a lot of respects such as taxation, loan privilege, facilitated their rapid development, held the half of country of our country market; But on the other hand, inside endowment enterprise, especially of civilian battalion enterprise live to step forward increasingly however dimension difficult. " futures of Chinese agriculture college and finance are derived taste Chang Qing of research center director to say on the meeting.

"No matter the foreign enterprise is to be on the depth length control of industrial catenary, still using home, international on risk of pattern of price of lock of two option market, have very advanced rule of thumb, can be in cultivate, close store, carry, treatment, feed, breed wait for many link to transfer market risk. And inside inadequacy of check of already of endowment look forward to, ability is inferior to a person, give aid to without policy again, go up at same scratch line far from with the foreign enterprise, below this kind of circumstance, bilateral competitive result cans be imagined. " Mu Runchang of general manager of company of Beijing metaphase futures expresses.

As we have learned, current, our country has 90 large soja to machine an enterprise in, 64 furniture have foreign capital setting, 85% what real process capability occupies domestic total process capability. Group of auspicious of ADM of business of 4 big food, state, fine auspicious group and Lu Yida inspire confidence in sb already were in the international that controlling China to import 80% supply of goods early or late layout of our country each district, market of race to control.
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