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Our country commissariat buys the price to may rise again

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On August 23, the throughout the country that holds in Lanzhou is big in on annual meeting of urban price cost, national hair changes appoint Tang Tiejun of section chief of department of price department cost says, plant to protect farmer interest and farmer the enthusiasm of grain, our country a few produce grain to save application to raise commissariat to buy the price substantially again greatly. First half of the year, index of price of consumption of our country dweller rises extent is as high as 7.9% , predicting implementation points to consumption to several control are in 4.8% in the difficulty of the target is very great.

Current, value of our country commissariat is total under international level. Tang Tiejun introduces, below economic globalization setting, commissariat buys the price too low, the influence the farmer is planted the enthusiasm of grain. At present a few province of our country yield grain apply for to raise commissariat to buy the price further, price of this adumbrative next year commissariat continues the likelihood tall. After commissariat rises in price, our country implementation controls consumptive price index the difficulty in 4.8% less than will bigger.

Suffer since this year prices rises move calamity of faster, sudden earthquake, newly on case of round of oily electrovalency wait for an element to affect, inside short time, face interpose of current price case to still cannot remove. Tang Tiejun introduces, look from the essence of market economy and long-term economy progress, prices should come from me morely adjust by the market, face measure of interpose of current price case at present, the prices that should not be ideal adjusts measure.


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