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What international food business permeates Chinese food division to play unsolve

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International food business begins large-scale control domestic food source, be built in each district or buy processing factory of flour factory, rice, consolidate network of commissariat purchase and sale, enter commissariat to consume the market, this meeting gives our country commissariat current bring particular risk with safety

Fluid of our country's relatively weak food other people fastens international food business to be in commissariat storage, carried the layout that waits for link to offer a space, also accentuated the weight used on a balance that a few main body of international food business and country cooperate to control market price case then. Data picture

In famous high grade wheat Shandong yield an area saves Yan state city, international food business and change the basic level grain after making to be in charge of a collaboration, use its to close store the network buys the food source such as wheaten, corn in great quantities, form those who have certain dimensions to close store network. Duplicating ceaselessly this kind of mode while, be in the place that domestic company has garrisoned, international food business opens flour to machine an enterprise, use source of control high grade food and vivosphere of company of home of low strategy extruding.

The personage inside course of study thinks, include food source, storage by pilot of international food business, carry, the supply of the link such as treatment, sale catenary, perfecting ceaselessly, its are produced to our country wheat and the control advantageous position of treatment domain and the influence that the price counterpoises are being highlighted.

Play unsolved problem " double win "

Place of canal of grain of basic level of Yan state city and some international are large the collaboration of group of trade of grain oil industry only then in September 2005. And what canal of basic level grain is this group to buy food source, have namely before this happen. Grain canal is changed after making, concern of this kind of collaboration is further establish, cooperative limits expands quickly also to whole town grain to be in charge of place.

This international is large group of trade of grain oil industry is Singapore a company of a group and United States (international one of business of 4 big food) accuse jointly, rank the world 500 strong.

In recent years, by fund of oily group of this international food, the place of canal of basic level grain here is average and annual the commissariat that helps its buy makes an appointment with 20 thousand tons, among them 70% it is wheaten, 30% it is corn, still have a few earthnut, 5% what buy a quantity to occupy total output of grain of Yan state city about, earnings gain is become 46 minutes.

Oily group of this international food and the collaboration that grain is in charge of place undertake through city commissariat bureau, use each grain to be in charge of the Cang Rong of place as a whole by city commissariat bureau. Socially still a few have been make over individual 10 thousand tons of Cang Rong also are seeking the 30 thousand ~4 with collective to cooperate with this group.
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