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Heilongjiang saves reclamation area to will construct base of strategy of provis

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From Heilongjiang total bureau of province farming cultivate understands, heilongjiang reclamation area will cultivate infrastructure of structure, perfect agriculture through adjusting, advance progress of agricultural science and technology to wait for series measure, construct base of strategy of provisions of 30 billion jins of commodity, make Heilongjiang reclamation area becomes the important stabilizer of national food safety.
As we have learned, begin from this year, heilongjiang reclamation area will be optimized cultivate a structure, around breed of national food shortage, the high yield crop such as enlarge flood paddy, corn, potato cultivates an area, stable soja, wheat kind crop acreage. Reclamation area still will advance project of irrigation and water conservancy, accelerate advance large and medium-sized the add of fill area builds form a complete set and section water to transform. In addition, heilongjiang reclamation area still will build operation area of equipment of 300 contemporary agriculture machinery again, accelerate crop new breed to breed, accelerate new breed promotion, strengthen food processing and storage facilities construction, reduce commissariat loss of Chu Yunhuan division. Inside the shortest time, always produce commissariat raise 32 billion jins of above, among them commodity provisions achieves 30 billion jins.


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