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North autumn grain produces working conference to be held in Heilongjiang

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On August 20, north autumn grain produces working conference to be held in Harbin city. Sun Zhengcai of minister of Ministry of Agriculture made serious talk on the meeting, letter of challenge of chestnut of Heilongjiang province governor attends the conference and make a speech, wei Chaoan of undersecretary of Ministry of Agriculture moderates, heilongjiang saves vice-governor Lv Weifeng to attend the conference.
The conference analysed current commissariat to produce a situation. Current, production of countrywide autumn grain goes well, the way corp is growing of each district paddy, corn, soja is better, but autumn grain production is endured even big the test of the important juncture such as waterlogged, arid, early frost, plant diseases and insect pests, the task that take precautions against natural calamities fights calamity and field management is very formidable.
Sun Zhengcai emphasizes on the meeting, be the crucial period that autumn grain crop forms currently, various agriculture department must master autumn grain scientificly to produce a situation, solid do good later period field management and take precautions against natural calamities decrease calamity each job, leave no stone unturned captures autumn grain bumper harvest, strive to realize commissariat successive 5 years of increase production.
Chestnut letter of challenge expresses, want to be below the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and guidance, become Heilongjiang province construction base of commodity grain base, animal produce and farming herd product are profound treatment base, by commissariat big province saves change by force to agriculture, by agriculture strong province saves change greatly to food industry. To 2015 again increase production 23.3 billion jins of commissariat, realize one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two jins of commissariat to produce can project, to 2012 implementation production is suckled 10 million tons and year give column the project of stock raising strategy of 50 million pigs. Develop the advantage of courtyard of farming cultivate, farming division, advance a county, courtyard county to be built in all in the round, industrialization of the agricultural modernization of system of implementation farming cultivate, farming area and farm town are changed, take the lead in building contemporary agriculture system in the whole nation, strive to become the demonstrative area of the road of modernization of Chinese characteristic agriculture. Build relation of new-style workers and peasants, urban and rural relation, realize unifinication of society of urban and rural economy to develop new structure.
The Ministry of Agriculture is in charge of a comrade about unit of department bureau, directly under, the north such as Beijing the responsible comrade of the door attended Ministry of Agriculture of 15 provinces, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government the conference. Heilongjiang is saved farming appoint typical speech was made on the meeting.
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