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The Ministry of Agriculture will strengthen produce market adjusting control

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Sun Zhengcai of minister of Ministry of Agriculture was in yesterday when standing committee of National People's Congress of 11 whole nations makes the State Council the 4th times add the report that receives a circumstance about promoting a farmer to stabilize on the conference, express, will be strengthened and improve produce market adjusting control, promote a farmer to add energetically close decrease.
Sun Zhengcai says, will continue to perfect lowest of main grain breed to buy value policy, make plant grain farmer can obtain more interest. Straighten produce price stage by stage, consumer of give attention to two or morethings bears ability and generator interest, make produce price maintains in reasonable level. In the meantime, strengthen produce to export adjusting control, perfect produce reserve, prevent produce price big cases to fall greatly. Control chemical fertilizer and exit of its raw material strictly, strengthen farming endowment the market superintends strength, control farming endowment the price rises too quickly, stabilize agriculture to produce cost hard.
Task of benefit of promotion agriculture production is formidable
Data shows, net income of farmer average per capita achieved 4140 yuan 2007, than going up year of real growth 9.5% ; 2008 first half of the year, income of cash of farmer average per capita 2528 yuan, grow 10.3% actually compared to the same period, net income of average per capita of predicting annual farmer will continue to maintain rapidder growth posture. Sun Zhengcai says, in recent years, each stimulative farmer that the country publishs adds the policy measure that close, of strength is unprecedented greatly. 2003 ― 2007, central finance " 3 farming " investment amounts to 1 . 6 trillion yuan, year all grow 17. 8 % . Cancelled duty of agricultural duty, animal husbandry duty, agricultural special local product and tax on slaughtering animals, reduce farmer burden every year 133.5 billion yuan. Up to in April 2008, the whole nation already had farmer of the 1000 many ground that be asked for to be brought into social security system.
To this, sun Zhengcai expresses, although farmer income maintained,grow posture quickly continuously, but the farmer adds the foundation that close to still compare weakness, add the channel that close to still compare lack, stimulative farmer adds the lasting effect mechanism that close to had be notted build completely continuously. Especially since this year, the farmer adds the uncertainty element that close to increase, the difficulty that income of implementation annual farmer grows quickly is greater.
Meanwhile, suffer the influence that the raw material such as international crude oil rises in price, our country agriculture produces data price to rise considerably in last few years. But fall in the premise that ensures economic society stabilizes development, the price that straightens the main produce such as commissariat completely still needs a longer process, stability and the task that elevate agriculture manufacturing benefit are very formidable.
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