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Hair change appoint investigation: Hopeful of autumn grain bumper harvest

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This year total output of summer grain crops achieves 120.4 million tons, implementation since 1985 first successive 5 years the setting of increase production falls, interest good news may reap seasonal continuance in coming autumn grain.
National hair changes appoint the data that policy lab announces yesterday shows, because condition of major area light, lukewarm, water is appropriate, because the way corp is growing of this fall crop is overall better. For example, late rice of Jiangxi, Hunan one, scale of 2 kinds of seedlings is amounted to respectively 90% with 80% , than going up year of the corresponding period increase to be mixed 7.4 times 10 percent.
In addition, a few Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Shaanxi autumn grain that basically produce grain to save an area sow the area all increases small, the area of other province area criterion with on year keep balance roughly.
Hua Na commissariat trades chief analyst Hu Feng is opposite the center " daily of the first finance and economics " express, according to should trading the center is opposite area of northeast, China north is field the on-the-spot investigation of crop, autumn grain grows the case is really good, accordingly this year the bumper harvest of autumn grain can anticipate, "Nevertheless, whether does the bumper harvest mean farmer income to be able to rise somewhat, see prospective produce even (000061) of the market go situation, and of the country give aid to policy. And of the country give aid to policy..
At present most suffer of attention still is prospective corn price to go situation. From March up to now, international corn price goes low continuously, current price is compared the corresponding period rose last year finite, and wait as a result of pesticide, the sources of energy farming endowment rise in price, domestic corn cultivated cost to rise about 30% .
Hu Feng thinks, henceforth period of time, corn price goes situation still can maintain in at present " do not go up to fall " condition -- on one hand, corn bumper harvest will make the market is supplied have safeguard; On the other hand, cost rises reach the national protection to agriculture, make corn price continues impossibly also low.
But the enthusiasm that present price cultivates corn to the farmer will produce very big impact. "Hope country considers actual condition, can publish corresponding policy, protective farmer is planted the enthusiasm of grain. " Hu Feng says.


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