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Taiyuan country commissariat trades the center hangs out his shingle formally ho

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A few days ago, commissariat of country of Shanxi province Taiyuan trades the center hangs out his shingle formally hold water. Taiyuan country commissariat trades the center is bureau of classics country commissariat approval, what grain oil establishs on the foundation of terminal market is save in Shanxi, it is market trades the center, information center, modern commissariat that reveals center and integrated service to be an organic whole trades center. Central total floor area is 1330 much square metre, the modern electron that has two 150 square metre trades the hall, deployed 65 computer terminal unit, installed 130 electrons to trade the chair shows screen with 25 square metre. The center came true to trade with national commissariat the network join of market of 20 provincial grain of center, whole nation, the client is in trade the commissariat contest price that the hall can participate in countrywide each district through the network trades.


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