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Commissariat carries valence to already may form consensus in decision-making la

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When standing committee of National People's Congress of 11 whole nations discussed concerned report in group a few days ago, members of standing committee of National People's Congress of many whole nation suggests, should timely improve commissariat value, think, rise in price appropriate is early should not be late. And in discussing in group, committee member of almost all speech states support improves commissariat value, some committee members are to suggest to should improve grain value substantially more. If complete compatriots is big,agriculture and Li Denghai of rural committee committee member express, at present the farmer is planted grain is be out of pocket, the autumn very be about to sow, if the country returns the decision that does not publish wheat to carry valence appropriately, certainly will wants an influence to be planted this year wheaten area; Plant now the income that the earthnut income of a mu of ground is equal to wheat of kind of 5 mus of ground, if national commissariat does not carry valence, the farmer can choose kind of earthnut certainly, this make use of condition will surely affect the safety of national commissariat. Mou Xinsheng's committee member says, on grain price issue concerned branch wants to be determined, grain price is not to want popularly to carry, want to carry ability substantially to solve a problem however. Chen Yujie's committee member also thinks, want to solve the problem of the farmer, very important one step should improve grain value namely. Should as soon as possible relatively improve commissariat value substantially, if national inconvenient word, also can consider to divide a pace to carry out, but the signal that carries valence is about to communicate a farmer now.

Analytic personage points out, regard a country as top authority gear and decision-making orgnaization, the motion that countrywide National People's Congress represents cannot ignored, obtain almost all personage attending the meeting when a motion especially when general approval, in quite on degree mean this motion actually to had been passed in top level, will become probably soon actual policy. And the content that commissariat is people satiety not only, also be important industrial raw material, commissariat rises in price to pull one hair and move the whole body, investor should careful from time to time is moved, relevant commissariat uses up an enterprise to also answer against a rainy day, prepare early.


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