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" the world signs up for " : Commissariat price will rise inside 10 years 60 %

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According to " the world signs up for " reported on September 9, organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (abbreviation: Organize via closing) the Ministry of Agriculture says, world commissariat price 10 years in will rise 60 % , and a when drive commissariat to rise in price main factor is biology the sources of energy use, because this classics adds up to Sidifen Tanggeman of director of development organization Ministry of Agriculture (StefanTangermann) the development activity that asks to stop biology the sources of energy immediately.

Although look price of preexistence bound commissariat somewhat fall after a rise, but Sidifen Tanggeman thinks, compare low level before grain price cannot have restored a few years, and in future 10 years, commissariat price rises the particular case according to all sorts of produce than going 10 years 10 % come 60 % . He emphasizes saying, commissariat rises in price be pounded most serious should belong to poor country, and bring about grain price to rise nowadays the matter that has 1/3 wants accusing at opposite content can develop and use. And the greenhouse gas discharge capacity that the biology the sources of energy that the country costs billions of euro plans to let transportation make only dropped 0.8 % , and the agriculture that gives the whole world however brought negative effect. Accordingly, biology can use " be badly in need of be being examined afresh " .


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