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Small provisions price is unwarrantable commissariat is safe

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This year second a theme that 8 countries peak meets is grain issue. Top grain price has caused the political situation stability of a few countries. Grain issue also is self-evident to Chinese importance. The grain price since last year rises to place food safety problem realistically before us. To grain price go situation, ceng Liying of deputy director general of national commissariat bureau was in a few days ago " analysis of paddy rice market was met Spring 2008 " one is forecasted, she says, situation of global commissariat supply and demand has alleviation evidence, but still slant close, chinese commissariat supply and demand is balanced basically, market price case moves smooth, but tomorrow of domestic grain price still exists rise pressure.

In at present the setting of high inflation falls, grain price rises further is not meddlesome it seems that. What because grain price is in whole CPI weight,occupy scale to be as high as 1/3, the goes tall to will naturally make other goods price of grain price also follows on raise, affect ordinary people then especially low income person the life, the macroscopical adjusting control that gives a country brings pressure. But if we look from another angle, set out from the angle that raises farmer income and safety of safeguard country food namely, of grain price rising further is a favour. The problem inside this sees what light what weigh, it is at present of with a view to long-term still.

Inflationary problem wants to take seriously highly of course, it not only meeting influence economy grows, and the standard of living that reduces common people directly. Malign inflation can make a comparatively well-off home is immersed in tired out even. But above all, this round of inflation is not is rise by grain price or be not basically is by grain price rises cause. Inflation is phenomenon of a kind of money, it is caused by foreign exchange reserve of a huge sum. Next, the person that rise to grain price and cause low income standard of living drops, the form that can pass price allowance undertakes the part is made up for.

However, food safety is different however. Because farmland decreases, the element such as change of shortage of water natural resources, climate, the tie that produces to commissariat is shown increasingly, but another, change development as industrialized, town, people living standard rises, commissariat consumes demand to show rigid growth however. This is decreased add, make the potential and safe issue of Chinese commissariat very outstanding. Accordingly, long-term and character, ensure food safety is more important.

Want to make sure the food safety of our country does not have care, premise is to should assure a farmer can from kind get comparative accrual in grain. Otherwise, the farmer is to do not have enthusiasm to plant of grain. So, how will elevate kind of grain benefit? It is to rely on the price, it is to rely on allowance. To Euramerican wait for a developed country for, the accrual of grain farming basically relies on governmental subsidy, occupy 60% above commonly. Our country although these year of finance income growth is very rapid, but overall and character, financial resources is limited, and farmer amount is huge, it is not actual that the hope resembles farmer of Euramerican large-scale in that way allowance. This also is why low income of governmental subsidy city person more lucrative than allowance farmer account. Latter not only the amount is far than former much, and restrict without time, year answer want allowance one year. So, kind food earnings basically should rely on grain price. Grain price just is the farmer is planted of grain enthusiasm essential.

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