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Tender corn lasts technology (new)

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Use this way, insurable and fresh and tender corn 10 months, supply the market all the year round. Every tender ear of corn lasts cost needs money 2 minutes only. Xia Qiu stores up, winter sells, with the black corn of this law keep in storage, multicoloured corn reachs common corn, every mus of accrual all is in 4000 yuan of above.

Use method: Every kilograms last warm water of agent mix into mixes 260 kilograms divide evenly. Put tender ear of corn last the fish out after immersing 5 minutes inside agent solution, drop does moisture, put at having sunshine inside point-blank room can. The ground can discharge 33 centimeters high ventilated road with the brick beforehand, with benefit at airiness, if be deposited for a long time, check every months, what get rid of gives mildew to change is individual, last article sell at any time during the festival such as National Day, Spring Festival. During storing up, do not need to accuse lukewarm accuse wet, need not report and cellar. Last the agent does not have any side-effect to human body.

This lasts the agent is avirulent and harmless, accord with GB GBI880~87 standard. Use this law store 1 year, serviceability rate of ear of corn 98% , loss rate has 2% only. Its recipe is as follows: Animal serum albumen 90% , vitriolic ferrous 4.5% , tristearin acid is calcic 2% , amylaceous 2.5% , fine ginger 1% above all sorts of raw material grind in all fine into farinaceous become namely last agent.

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