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The domestic vinous that make is detailed method

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After will mature red grape is rinsed clean with clear water, eliminate fruit stalk and green bead, mildew bead, broken bead, put a course to disinfect container (small crock) in, squeeze with the hand broken or dolly, but the beard before the operation wait for club of hand, wood, container to use potassium permanganate bath first, reoccupy clear water rushs, be operated next again, in order to prevent miscellaneous bacterium pollution, the tool that should notice not to use the metal such as iron, copper at the same time and container (or with clean aluminium spoon is in the cup classics disinfection) grape dolly.


Fermenting is the action generation alcohol that divides the candy in grape skin juice classics yeast and carbon dioxide, of claret before ferment the process is leather juice of lump, yeast already entered juice when the grape is broken in, because of the Bai Shuang on grape skin existence has yeast, abstain bishop to need not join yeast additionally when ferment so. Barmy temperature had better be in 15~25 ℃ , should not exceed 35 ℃ , but ferment with small-sized container, medicinal powder heat is easier, can achieve commonly do not exceed 32 ℃ .

After leather juice loads container, can begin to ferment through a day commonly. It is quiet that fluid face begins, already had generation of faint carbon dioxide bleb at this moment, state yeast already began breed, through 2~3 day a large number of carbon dioxide are given off, rise of leather broken bits forms lid of a cap, the mouth tastes fruit juice, sweet taste is decrescent, wine flavour is gradual.

When fermenting, should use the grape skin of rise alexipharmic chopstick to overwhelm everyday inside juice two, such doing prevent grape skin on one hand mildew, acidify, in the pigment immerge juice that can get on the skin at the same time, and eduction carbon dioxide, make yeast gets oxygen, ferment more exuberant. After the climax, ferment impetus begins abate, can undertake adding candy right now, adding candy is to use grape former wine to dissolve, and the rejoin after using to hydrate candy. After waiting for white sugar to dissolve completely, continue to undertake fermenting in container, final carbon dioxide is given off to faint and adjacent quiet, cent of very thick, candy reduces alcohol flavour to 1% the following, juice begins clarity, end to ferment namely, undertake compressing, leather juice depart.


The method that compress is to use clean hop-pocket or gauze, undertake squash or be twistinged pressing, claret fluid flows namely, call former wine.


Use egg white to be able to clarify, former wine of 30 litres of grapes adds egg Qing Dynasty about. The method is the egg Qing Dynasty is hit into spumescent, with a few wine sufficient agitate mixes, in joining wine next, again sufficient agitate blends quiet place, appear to wine fluid Qing Dynasty bright, will sedimentary abandon.

Add candy

The habit of most person is to feel bishop should be sweet, accordingly, need to undertake bishop adding candy is allocated, the quantity that add candy makes an appointment with 12~14% , want to dissolve with former wine agitate when deliquescent candy. Such, have grumous " rose " fragrance, acid is sweet dainty claret is made. If be in container airtight keep in storage 2 months, criterion the local color of wine is more rich.
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